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Flowers of Summer

One thing I always wanted to have is a green thumb. Although I’d like to believe I have one, since during my younger years in Cagayan, I did some great deal of gardening in school because it’s always part of the curriculum. I loved gardening. But that stopped there, even though my love for greens even multiplied throughout the years. I’m still hoping I would have a really nice vegetable and flower garden in my future house.

Enough with things about me, because the real star in this entry is my mother’s garden. She must’ve the greenest thumb because (I swear) she could turn a withering stem/dying plant back into life! Ever since, she loves filling the spaces of land in our front yard with various plants, and she prefers using real plants as decorations inside the house (which used to annoy me because it’s messy).

When we moved into our new home, I thought the lack of space would prevent her from doing her hobby, but I was wrong. In just few years, she managed to turn the front area of our home into a beautiful sight of greens and other lovely colours.

Here are some goods from my mother’s garden. She took some of the photos because she really takes pride and loves her plants. Every kid in the neighborhood know not to mess with these plants. 😉 (Di ko lang alam pangalan ng mga halaman na yan. :p)