Perfectos desconocidos (2018)

Director: Álex de la Iglesia
Stars: Belén Rueda, Eduard Fernández, Ernesto Alterio, Juana Acosta, Eduardo Noriega, Dafne Fernández, Pepón Nieto

Seven friends gather for dinner and decide to play a game in which all incoming messages and calls will be on display for the entire group, leading to a series of revelations that gradually unravels their ‘normal’ lives.


Twisted. Good.


Mamá se fue de viaje (2017)

Director: Ariel Winograd
Writers: Juan Vera, Mariano Vera
Stars: Diego Peretti, Carla Peterson, Martín Piroyansky

What happens when mom is out of the picture? Experience the trouble of a working dad handling four kids while their mother is off on vacation.



A puerta fría (2012)


Director: Xavi Puebla

Salva is a veteran sales rep who sells electronics for a living. From a star salesman, he is now in trouble with his company and unless he sells 200 television units in two days, he’s fired by the company. While participating in the most important electronics fair of the season, he asks for the help of a pretty usherette who devises a plan involving “Mr. Battleworth”.

I went to the Spanish Film Festival wanting to see this ‘seemingly fun film’ (Dias de Vinilo) but my companions and I managed to get into the wrong movie. However, this one’s not bad. Simple plot made real good by great actors.



Película>Pelikula: Spanish Film Festival 2013


The 12th Spanish Film Festival runs from October 3 to 13 in Greenbelt 3, Makati City.

Encounters in the film: Meet Spanish Actress Alejandra Lorente

Alejandra Lorente acting career has developed mainly in theater and television. As a dramatic actress, her career has been focused mainly on  classical and musical theater, while in television she has appeared in shows with large audiences, such as “Amar en tiempos revueltos”  or “Gran Reserva”. She debuted in films directed by Fernando León de Aranoa in Princesses (2005). That same year she joined the cast of “Blues Havana”, Benito Zambrano. She came out in “Aquel no era yo” (2012), Winner of  Goya for best short film in the latest edition of the Goya Awards.

The Artist and the Model (2012)

El artista y la modelo

El artista y la modelo

Director: Fernando Trueba

Set somewhere in occupied France in the summer of 1943, not far from the Spanish border. An old renowned sculptor, tired of life and mankind’s folly, rediscovers the desire to work and sculpt his last piece thanks to the arrival of a young Spanish woman who has escaped from a refugee camp.

Extraterrestrial (2011)



Director: Nacho Vigalondo

Two strangers wake up on the same bed without remembering anything from the previous night. Julio falls in love instantly; Julia, not at all. An awkward situation made even more awkward given the fact that the two can’t leave the flat because of a UFO floating just above the city.

That Wasn’t Me (2012)

Aquel no era yo

Aquel no era yo

Director: Esteban Crespo

The film tells the story of Paula and Kaney, — one African child and a Spanish woman, who may have nothing in common, but that they will inevitably join their lives through a shot. Kaney is a child soldier in an African country. With him live many child soldiers, obeying the orders of the man who has become his father, General of the Rebel Army (Babou Cham)Paula is a Spanish aid worker who  arrived in Africa with her partner, Juanjo with the aim of helping and rescuing soldier chil dren who live there.At a border post, Paula and Kaney meet and that will be the starting point of this dramatic story, in a scenario of fear, violence, terror and redemption.A former child soldier from Sierra Leone once said. “Being a soldier is not difficult: either get used or be killed. The hardest thing is to live with your memories and be yourself again after having done the things you’ve done. ”

A puerta fría (2012)


Director: Xavi Puebla

Salva is a veteran sales rep who sells electronics for a living. From a star salesman, he is now in trouble with his company and unless he sells 200 television units in two days, he’s fired by the company. While participating in the most important electronics fair of the season, he asks for the help of a pretty usherette who devises a plan involving “Mr. Battleworth”.

Ghost Graduation (2012)

Promocion fantasma

Promocion fantasma

Director: Javier Ruiz Caldera

A teacher with paranormal abilities helps a group of ghosts graduate high school.

De tu ventana a la mía (2012)

De tu ventana a la mía

Director: Paula Ortiz

Interwoven emotions and struggles of three women of different generations aiming to build the lives they desire, their own future, love and dreams. All of them lose the love of their lives and they will have to pursue their happiness and fight for their dignity in a dark and hostile word.

Au revoir (2011)

Au revoir

Director: Toni Barrena

A journey in a car: memories, abstraction. Its not your story, not mine either. Its simply ours

Breakfast at Enriques (2012)

Desayuno con Diadema

Desayuno con Diadema

Director: Oscar Bernacer

Breakfast between two strangers. A train goes by.Will They dare take it.

Friendsheep (2010)


Director: Jaime Maestro Sellés

Day after day, inside our furry friend’s head, the same thing is repeating over and over “A window cleaner wolf, who would have said it?” Despite being on tough times, luck and a good plan lead the wolf to get his dream job… an office full of succulent and sexy sheep. But dreams don’t go as expected.

Hanging from a Dream (2012)

Colgados de un sueño

Colgados de un sueño

Director: Antonio P. Molero

In the mid fifties, the collector and painter Fernando Zobel arrived in Spain and is fascinated by the younger generation of Spanish abstract artists, virtually ignored in our country. Convinced of the importance of these artists, he began to collect their works and created the idea to display it to the national and international ​​public. This marked the Toledo project, the city that Zóbel imagined ideal for his collection. Until a young forester, who dreamed of one day to devote himself exclusively to art, proposes to  visit his city, Cuenca.

¡Atraco! (2012)


Director: Eduard Cortés

In 1856, a jewelry store located along the Gran Vía in central Madrid is robbed by two men. A crime investigation unfolds which not only results in the detention of two suspects but not all of the jewelry is recovered. As the authorities continue on their investigation, they soon realize that the missing pieces belonged to the collection of the late former first lady of Argentina, Evita Perón, and that the case was no longer a simple robbery but a case with strong undermining political motives involving leadership figures in both Spain and Argentina.

Snowflake, the White Gorilla (2011)

Snowflake, the White Gorilla

Copito de nieve

Director: Andres Schaer

On a beautiful April day of 1966, the Zoo of Barcelona welcomed a new member of the family—an albino gorilla only one of its kind. He was given the name “Snowflake.” He is adored by the humans but his new companions in the zoo resent him for being different. In order to fit in, he decides to embark in a journey to find the “witch of the North” whom he believed could turn his color to black, just like everyone else’s. Inspired by real events.

Snowhite (2012)



Director: Pablo Berger

BLANCANIEVES is a gothic melodrama inspired by the Brothers’ Grimm tale. Once upon a time there was a little girl who had never met her mother, and she grew up being hated by her evil stepmother. She learned her father’s art, a famous bullfighter, and one day she ran away to become a legend. Set in 1920s south of Spain, BLANCANIEVES is a tribute to silent films.

O apostolo (2012)

O apostolo

Director: Fernando Cortizo

A convict who escaped from jail takes off to a remote village to recover an old loot that was hidden years earlier. But what he finds there involves him in a fate much worse than the one he had been doomed to. Sinister old people, odd disappearances, spirits, a strange parish priest and even the archpriest of Santiago de Compostela will all meet in a tale full of terror, humour, and fantasy.

Días de vinilo (2012)

Dias de Vinilo

Director: Gabriel Nesci

Damian, Marcelo, Luciano and Facundo are childhood friends who are now in their 30s, their relationship stemming from a common love for music and the ladies. Damian is a writer and a scriptwriter who, in order to recover the affections of his ex, writes a screenplay whose only copy has fallen into the hands of Vera, a strong-willed woman who seems to be determined to interfere in Damian’s life and change it.

Samurai (2012)


Director: Gaspar Scheuer

Takeo is a young Japanese immigrant living with his family in a remote part of Argentina . His grandfather recounts to him the story of Saigo, a samurai who led a rebellion against the Japanese emperor of his time and who, according to legend escaped death and went off to live in a far away place.

Días de pesca en Patagonia (2012)

Días de pesca

Días de pesca

Director: Carlos Sorín

Marco Tucci is the standard tourist type, on his way to Puerto Deseado where he intends to fish for sharks. Or at least, this is the way he looks. But he is not well trained for game fishing and this fifty-two old traveling salesman seems a bit frail for the task. Couldn’t he have a hidden agenda? Didn’t he go for a 2099 km drive all the way from Buenos Aires to Patagonia because Ana, his estranged daughter, lives there, with a view to reconnecting with her.

The Mexican Suitcase (2011)

La maleta mexicana

La maleta mexicana

Director: Trisha Ziff

The story of three lost boxes known as the Mexican Suitcase that were recovered in 2007. The boxes, misplaced in the chaos at the start of WWII, contained many of the Spanish Civil War negatives by the legendary photographer Robert Capa and fellow photographers Gerda Taro and David “Chim” Seymour.

La última película (2013)

La última película

Director: Raya Martin, Mark Peranson

A famous American filmmaker travels to the Yucatán (Mexico) to scout locations for his last movie. The Mayan Apocalypse intercedes.



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