Cebu’s Popular Spots

Magellan’s Cross

When in Cebu and you’re stuck in the city itself, why don’t you go around and visit the popular spots and have endless photo ops? 🙂 That’s actually what we did. Since it was my first time in Cebu, I asked Dona (who’ve been there before) to tour me around the most popular spots in the Queen City of the South.

But first, we went to SM to meet up with the rest of the gang who just arrived. All of them are Vera’s friends and they’re all currently enrolled in UP Diliman. After getting introduced, Tina and Bret requested if they could have few hours of sleep. Vera accompanied them to where we were staying. The boys on the other hand went to John’s (Vera’s coach and their friend as well). When they were all gone, Dona and I stayed at SM and a little later went to Sto. Nino Basilica.

In an exhibit at SM, feel na feel kong magpangap na guest kami ni Dona dahil pareho kaming naka-pink, which is the theme of the exhibit.

At the exhibit, I saw the perfect chair for my future house/condo/apartment. More info.

Behold the ultimate proof that I’ve been to Cebu. Please don’t mind the perfect shorts. :p

The church visit was quick. I wanted to get out of there immediately since I was discriminated upon entering the place. It was my fault I wore the most appropriate clothing for a church visit. Disclaimer, I didn’t really plan on going inside, I just wanted my photo taken with Magellan’s Cross which is outside the cathedral.

We then went looking for someplace to have lunch. We actually wanted to eat in a turo-turo for cheaper local foods but we walked streets and didn’t find any (later we’ll learn that we looked into the wrong streets). We were so thirsty we sat down at the very first unknown restaurant we saw. The restaurant serves Chines food.

After lunch, we had to meet Vera and altogether we went to a Taoist Temple located in a hill overlooking the metro. We hired a habal-habal (all three of us in a single motor, scary at first) to take us to Beverly Hills but we had to walk few meters up to the temple. It’s an exclusive village and there few were private vehicles ad cabs passing by so walking was a bliss, and there were lots of greens! The temple is open for public- worshippers or tourists who went up for photo ops. 🙂

My lunch is Pork Rice Toppings with Dimsum on the side.

Before the sun set, we went to Tops, the highest peak in Cebu (I’m not sure if this is legit). Tops deck offers an amazing view of the metro in its glittering lights at night. Entrance if P100 per person and less 50% if your habal-habal driver is a cardholder. Bring your jacket/shawl/scarf when going there because the temperature is lower in the area.

Tops is just one of the many places you can go to if you want to get a good view of Cebu. There are lots of other shops and some even offer adventure rides like zipline. Maybe it’s better if you check the whole place out in day time. The peak is called Busay Hill.

We waited for the others to arrive before heading back to Simeon’s place. We waited for them to get back again so we can have dinner altogether. We dined at Outpost, a seemingly cool place because from the outside, one can already guess the type of people that hang out in there.

Because the boys planned not to sleep the whole night (I seriously didn’t understand why pero di rin ata nila napanindigan ‘to), we spent half of the young night in a karaoke bar. Merlo and a friend of his later joined us.

Tina and Bret ❤
Lym and John
Jam and Jet
With Merlo’s friend, Vera and Dona

The night ended in McDonald’s where we separated ways. The boys went to One Mango to pursue their sleepless night.


A Taste of Cebu Night Life

I went to Cebu on an impulse, tagging along with a friend who tagged along with a friend who’s travelling with a bunch of her friends. I prefer travelling with buddies to make sure I won’t feel out of place or bored, but making friends and creating memories with them can turn out to be great.

Seriously though, I just took the definition of being kaladkarin to a different level. I don’t know what dawned upon me when I said yes to a friend’s invitation for a 5-day out of town trip. Mara encountered some problems and can no longer go to Cebu with Dona so she asked me and Karen if we wanna buy the ticket instead. Of course, Karen has to work, and me, too, but I managed to talk my manager into allowing me to have a 3-day vacation leave on such short notice. (I promised the manager this would be the last super-short notice vacation I’ll make.) I really wanna go to Cebu, and I was offered a good deal so I didn’t want to waste it.

Our flight was scheduled at 4:10 p.m. Saturday and I still got a work that day so I had to go to the office extra-early. Unfortunate things started to happen as early as 5 a.m. and I ended up logging in at around 5:30, the time I should be meeting Dona. I almost didn’t make it. I arrived at the airport barely 30 minutes before departure and the counter was already closed but thank goodness I got in. My words for Dona: Kinabahan ka ‘no, kasi ako di kinabahan. Sobrang malas ko naman kung maiiwan ako ng eroplano. 😀 It’s just a matter of confidence and some more confidence for the goodness of airplane staff who allowed me to check-in even after their closing time. (Our flight was delayed for about 15 minutes anyway.)

We arrived at Mactan Airport by 6 p.m. and commuted all the way to SM in Cebu City to meet up with Vera, Dona’s friend. (I met Vera earlier this year at Michelle’s birthday dinner.) I really have no idea about the itinerary and I did not bother to ask so I just went along with whatever was happening. We had snacks at SM and then met up with Vera’s friend’s parents who are from the city. Apparently, their son, Vera’s coach in Taekwondo, was still asleep so they decided to see Vera even without him. These people are one helluva cool parents.

After SM, Moms and Dads (the parents) went with us to see the place where we’ll be staying (at Vera’s friend’s boarding house in PC Hills) where Vera’s friend Cat, who coincidentally had a business trip in Cebu at that time, currently stays. Their friend Simeon was not around but according to Vera, he’s aware that we’re gonna stay at his room for a good 2 days.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At around 9 p.m., we went out for dinner. Cat was supposed to meet up with her brother but we were introduced to her friends instead, who were already drinking at Ilaputi. Next thing I know, I was drinking some cocktails. I was already famished, nevertheless, I still accepted every shot given to me. A little later, our newly-met friends decided to transfer to another place. We walked down IT Park (it’s like the Ortigas Center of Cebu) and went to Tonyo’s, a bigger bar. Since it seemed we’ll be staying a little longer than expected, my friends and I decided to eat there, before joining the group for drinks.

Even after eating, Dona and I didn’t gain much energy. Thank goodness Vera was so good at socializing. After finishing the two beer towers, our companions still want more. I was really sleepy (I only had 3 hours of sleep the night before) but our new-found friends had been so nice we decided to join them.

They brought us to One Mango, where more clubs are. Dona and I are bothe wearing flops (okay, tsinelas) but we managed to get in the club. Thanks to connections. Merlo, a friend of Cat’s knows the owner of this new club, Alchology, and we were even given discount at the entrance. That night, Borgy Manotoc was also in the club.

We were supposed to stay for only 30 minutes but it turned out we enjoyed ourselves, too so we stayed a bit longer. Dona, Vera and I got home at around 4 a.m. while Cat stayed behind and they transferred to another bar. Oh, to be young and full of energy.