Cart (2014)

Ka-teu (original title)

Director: Ji-young Boo
Writer: Kyung-chan Kim (screenplay) (as Kyung-Chan Kim)
Stars: Jung-ah Yum, Jung-hee Moon, Yeong-ae Kim

The employees of a big box discount retailer band together when the contract workers are summarily laid off.


I was just looking for a sad movie to cry on. But somehow, this wasn’t enough. Bitin.


L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties (2016)

Director: Jingming Guo
Stars: Bingbing Fan, Kris Wu, Cheney Chen

An orphan becomes the disciple of a powerful sorcerer and is drawn into a larger conflict among the world’s magical elite.


Honestly, I didn’t get what was happening in the movie until I’ve seen 3/4 of it, when the characters were verbally explaining what’s happening. I just enjoyed the visuals.


Be Positive (2016)

Director: Lee Byung-heon
Writer: Lee Byung-heon
Stars: Do Kyung-soo, Chae Seo-jin, Lee David

Hwan-dong is a film major who is preparing for his graduation project as a movie director. His script wins a grand prize, but he faces difficulty after difficulty while trying to finalize the film. To solve one of his problems, he asks his ex-girlfriend Hye-jung, a popular actress, to play the main role in his production in which she agreed.


It is very refreshing to see Kyungsoo give life to a different character again. The boy shapeshifts to whatever character he needs to play.

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Mr. Six (2015)

Lao pao er (original title)

Director: Hu Guan
Writers: Runnian Dong, Hu Guan
Stars: Xiaogang Feng, Hanyu Zhang, Qing Xu, Kris Wu, Yi Feng Li, Hua Liu

Mr. Six tells of a 50-or-so-year-old street punk called “Mr. Six” who has reigned over the Beijing streets as the neighbourhood kingpin for many years. One day, he comes to know his son Xiaobo is in dispute with a well-connected young drag-racing street gang leader, Xiaofei. Mr. Six steps up to help defend him. He attempts to settle the debts of his son by relying on his old school rules and by the help of his old friends.


This film is actually good. I did myself a favor by seeing this because if you noticed, I’ve just been seeing random movies recently.

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Great plot. Superb performances from the cast (probably Kris’ best acting showcase so far. Wow I can’t believe this is still about Kris. You’d understand if you saw some of his movies, too.) Anyway 4/5 I’d recommend this to all of you!

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Somewhere Only We Know (2015)

You yi ge di fang zhi you wo men zhi dao (original title)

Director: Jinglei Xu
Writers: Shuo Wang, Yun Wang
Stars: Kris Wu, Likun Wang,

A girl travels to Prague for a study leave and to move on, and there he meets a guy who’d help her find traces of her grandmother’s past when she lived in Prague.


This movie, even though I find it a bit boring because I’ve seen movies with a similar plot so it’s quite predictable, is still good in its own right. If you like going to film festivals, this is the type of film that usually make the cut to independent film festivals. The storyline has an indie/non-mainstream feel. Good casting, great styling, a lot of quotable quotes.

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Receiving a bracelet from a stranger while walking in the street, saying, “This is for love. But it doesn’t break easily. When you meet your true love, it will naturally break.” And the bracelet actually breaking moments before the happy ending, just after the guy confesses his love to the girl and asks her to stay. You’d think it wouldn’t get any more cliche or cheesier, but then a cover of Richard Marx’ “Right Here Waiting” plays while this scene unravels. I lost it. Thought I was watching a Star Cinema movie.