Cyrano Agency (2010)

Si-ra-no; Yeon-ae-jo-jak-do (original title)

Director: Kim Hyun-seok
Stars: Eom Tae Woong, Park Shin Hye, Choi Daniel, Park Chul Min

The successful Cyrano Agency, composed of theater actors and staff, helps people to find a love life by staging ideal romantic set-ups, until they are hired to help Sang-yong.

★★★☆☆   Enjoyable

It was my first time hearing about this plot, yet I find it really creative. This Korean take on this 1800s play is cute.



Unforgettable (2016)

Soonjung (original title)/Pure Love (literal title)

Director: Lee Eun-Hee
Writer: Han Chang-Hoon, Lee Eun-Hee
Stars: Kyung-soo Do, Kim So-Hyun

On a live music radio show, a letter arrives from the 23 years in the past. Through the letter, the first love and friendships of five friends are revealed.

★★★✮☆   Super Good

Masakit sa puso. Sobra. I was an emotional wreck after watching this film. I cried so hard I couldn’t fathom why. I’ve seen much sadder movies, but this one just hit something. Maybe because I was able to somehow relate to the story and the characters, and what they have to go through. The plot and the characters are well-woven, it is so good.

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Penny Pinchers (2011)

Ti-kkeul-mo-a ro-maen-seu (original title)

Director & Writer: Kim Jung Hwan
Stars: Han Ye-seul Han, Song Joong-ki Song

Ji-woong is a loser who can’t find a job so he lies to his mom for money, but his mom abruptly cuts him off one day, and he becomes homeless. But that same day, salvation arrives in the form of Hong-sil who’s extremely stingy. Her hobby is visiting the bank to make savings deposits, and her specialty is selling empty glass bottles and old newspapers for cash. One day, her savings plans are brought to a screeching halt when she learns she needs a separate bank account under someone else’s name to reach her goal of 20 million dollars. That’s when Ji-woong comes into the picture.


This is a gem. I immensely enjoyed this movie because of the fact that I can relate to what the characters are going through. The female lead plays a character closest to my own situation.

And Joong-ki is extra-adorable here.


Seducing Mr. Perfect (2006)

Miseuteo Robin ggosigi (original title)

Director: Sang-woo Kim
Writers: Sang-woo Kim, Seon-mi Kim
Stars: Jeong-hwa Eom, Daniel Henney

A Korean company analyst rear-ends an American man’s car then discovers he’s her new boss. Unlucky at love, she begins to take romance lessons from him in order to seduce him.


Daniel Henney, the original oppa. This movie presents a rather serious theme beneath the facade of romantic-comedy. Although mababaw lang din siya. No gripping plot.



22 Jump Street (2014)

Directors: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Stars: Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Ice Cube

After making their way through high school (twice), big changes are in store for officers Schmidt and Jenko when they go deep undercover at a local college.


I ran out of Korean dramas to watch and I thought this movie would make me laugh. I was wrong. Ang chaka nito. Di ko rin alam kung pa’no ko natapos.


Coin Locker Girl (2015)

Cha-i-na-ta-un (original title)

Director: Han Jun-hee
Writer: Han Jun-hee
Stars: Kim Hye-su, Kim Go-eun, Park Bo-gum

A  new born girl is placed in a coin operated locker in the subway station. The girl is raised by a mother who is the boss for a loan shark group. Later, when the girl has grown into a teen, she carries out missions given to her by her mother.


A great plot that brought out an impeccable performance from the artists. Had I seen this film first, I never would’ve imagined Kim Go Eun as the Goblin’s bride.

Mind you the copy I watched had a really messed up subtitles, but I was so engrossed into it that I had to forced myself to understand the scenes just by reading their actions.