Photo Challenge 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected


A herd of cows walking through a commercial center in Iloilo in midday. I was so amused because this is an uncommon scene in the Philippines, especially in the urbans. And this particular area here is where the posh hotels in city are. I had no idea where they are headed to because they’re unsupervised but kept walking straight on the road. (Maybe they got away from Ted’s La Paz Batchoy Restaurant? hehe) (Taken in 2011 in Smallville, Iloilo City)

Photo Challenge 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Photo by Emman Dilanco

This is the old Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City, a common destination among adventurers in and outside the city. I’ve heard so many stories about this place when I was still living in the city but I only got to see it a couple of years ago. Honestly though, our group did not experience any supernatural thing while we were there. Maybe because it’s in the broad daylight, or maybe there’s really nothing in there after all the years of the place being a common destination to locals and tourists. The ruins still look creepy though.


Photo Challenge 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You


 And it wasn’t all yellow…

Yellow has always been my favorite color. I don’t really think having a favorite color came naturally in me. I believe that I just successfully convinced myself that yellow should be my favorite color.

I remember as a kid, there was this need to have that one particular favorite color, because you know, slumbooks. I can’t remember how I picked yellow, but thinking about it now, it’s not at all a bad choice since what yellow represents more for me is sunshine. The moment I decided it was my color, I started to appreciate things that are colored yellow and started wearing more clothes with yellow hue.

When I was in high school, my friends used to tease me “Cory”, well, all because of that yellow thing. But as I grew older, I started to like green (because I read somewhere that staring at the color green boosts creativity). I also like purple and I love how yellow and purple complements each other. I also love blue because of the calm and peacefulness that comes with it.

Now, I enjoy multi-colored things. When I do purchases, I always pick the ones in bright colors. I am really not one that loves dark hues. I like to keep things colorful and happy! 🙂

*Photo was taken by a photographer commissioned by Project EDSA