Poster Girl is a small visual project containing the quick reviews and ratings on films and television series I’ve seen as well as their corresponding posters, artworks, images, videos borrowed from other sites and artists. Descriptions and some of the posters are lifted from IMDB while some of the posters and other artworks are from IMP Awards.

I’ve always been fascinated with thoughtfully crafted posters. Back in college, I had a collection of posters from various events, and since I no longer have the means to collect physical posters, I thought I’d do it online instead.

A couple of years ago, I came up with a goal to watch at least one movie a day, but this was impossible. There were too many movies in my backlog and I just can’t find time to watch all of them. Now, I’m trying to make more time to catch up on my movie list because half of my external hard drive contains at least 2-year old movie files. And I needed to watch the DVDs because they’re taking space in my closet intended for other stuff.

Disclaimer: I’m not good at writing reviews. I usually just write what I think, ridden with biases and all. I may like a film merely for its cinematography, and may hate another just because of its cast. But still, this site hopes to help people with the same interests in picking what movies to see.

Why the domain name?

The name Three Sticks of Watusi is taken from a chapter of the book Taguan-Pung at Manwal ng mga Napapagal by Filipino writer Eros Atalia.