Love in the Moonlight (2016)


Gooreumi Geurin Dalbit (original title)  | Moonlight Drawn by Clouds 

Director: Kim Sung-yoon, Baek Sang-hoon
Writer: Kim Min-jung, Im Ye-jin
Stars: Jung Jinyoung, Park Bo-gum, Kim Yoo-Jeong

A crown prince falls in love with his political eunuch, who is really a woman posing as a man.


My curiosity for this Korean drama was piqued when I learned that this quirky video of men dressed in traditional Korean attire dancing to modern music was in fact a teaser for this series.

I thought if it has this kind of scene, then it must be fun. Also, I’ve been seeing a lot of articles online about Park Bo-bum, who is the lead actor in the series.

Love in the Moonlight is like Coffee Prince set in the Joseon era. You have a male protagonist who is a Joseon prince, and a female protagonist posting as a male to make money. The two male leads fell in love with the girl. The girl causes a lot of ruckus. And many other similarities, which is common among Korean dramas.

However, because it was set in a different period, Love in the Moonlight has a deeper underlying message in its plot. While Coffee Prince tackles more of family problems in the current times, Love in the Moonlight deals with more complex matters such as power struggles among the officials surrounding the royal family, and socialism. But while it deals with a heavy theme, the story is filled with light, cute, and funny quips.



It should also be noted that the acting for this series is excellent. The fashion/hanbok design game is strong as well (I loved the pastel colours they used for the traditional clothes). The cinematography is also lovely.  Lastly, Park Bo-Gum’s kagwapuhan is also nakaka-good vibes.



Pinocchio (2014-2015)


Director: Jo Soo-won, Shin Seung-woo
Written: Park Hye-ryun
Stars: Jong-Suk Lee, Shin-Hye Park

A young boy, whose life and family has been destroyed by new media, gets adopted by a family in a rural area after being found lost at sea. He tries to conceal his past for everyone’s sake for 13 years. But when the girl he loves enters the world of news reporting, the truth about his family pours out. However, the girl’s mother (being a news reporter) seem to be the cause of the plight of his family.


I got hooked on this one because it reminded me of my college days when I was majoring in Journalism. Would’ve want to pursue a career in investigative journalism, but I wanted an easier life. Anyway, Pinocchio is good.


Secretly, Greatly (2013)


Eun-mil-ha-gae eui-dae-ha-gae (original title)

Director: Cheol-soo Jang (as Chul-soo Jang)
Writers: Bang-hyun Kim, Hong-gi Yun
Stars: Soo-hyun Kim, Gi-woong Park, Hyun-woo Lee

Three undercover North Korean agents live happily in South Korea while waiting for their order. One day, an unexpected order arrives, but it’s not what they expected.


Kim Soo-hyun showcased excellent acting on this one.

Windstruck (2004)


Nae yeojachingureul sogae habnida (Let Me Introduce (You to) My Girlfriend) (original title) 

Director: Jae-young Kwak
Writer: Jae-young Kwak
Stars: Ji-hyun Jun, Hyuk Jang, Su-ro Kim

The heart-warming romance story between Kyungjin and Myungwoo. Even though he has passed away, he will be always with Kyungwoo forever.


I’ve forgotten how this story goes. I’m also not sure if I also cried the first time I saw it. Kung gusto mo ng masakit sa puso, ito yun.

Oh My Venus (2015-2016)


O Ma-i Bi-neo-seu (original title)

Director: Kim Hyung-suk
Writer: Kim Eun-ji
Stars: Ji-seob So, Min-a Shin, Sung Hoon

When you go from the top of the pecking order in the looks department in high school and then fall to the bottom in adulthood, is it possible to get back on top? Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) was envied by every girl and desired by every boy in high school as the Daejeon Venus because of her pretty face and killer figure. But she has let herself go over the years and is now overweight and often disregarded and overlooked by society and her coworkers.


Learned a lot about getting fit from this Korean drama. I was actually inspired to go back to the gym, but the ~feeling went away as soon as I finished watching the series. :p This series is so light it didn’t give me major heartbreak. A legit feel-good series. Plus the actors are hot.


Seklusyon (2016)


Director: Erik Matti
Writer: Anton C. Santamaria (screenplay)
Stars: Rhed Bustamante, Neil Ryan Sese, Ronnie Alonte

In 1947 those aspiring to be priest, are sent to a remote convent to live in seclusion(Seklusyon) on the last day of their training. The purpose is to shield them from evil of the world. The plot thickens when a mysterious young girl comes to the convent but the question is whether she is really sent by God or by the Evil. This is the challenge awaits the candidates.


Promising plot, bad execution.

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007)


Keopi peurinseu 1-hojeom (original title)

Stars: Yoo Gong, Eun-hye Yun

A tomboy, mistaken for a lad, maintains the deception for the sake of employment. The situation becomes complicated when her male boss begins to develop feelings for this “boy.”


The 14+-hour ride from Manila to Cagayan was a bliss thanks to this series. Now I know the secret to surviving long trips.

A Tagalized version of this was shown years back, but I still haven’t caught the Kdrama bug then. Saw several episodes but couldn’t remember much. I started watching this because of Gong Yoo. And I found out na ang saya pala panoorin nito! Very light ang plot, wala masyadong heavy drama. It really captured me. Plus super charming si Gong Yoo dito.