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Feels Like Baguio

Children divinding their money earned from caroling.

Even before my trip home, friend already informed me about the kind of weather I’d be coming home to. I know I shouldn’t be but it seemed I was still surprised, kasla agdadamu, (like a first-timer). Maybe because for the past 11 years, I lived out of the province and was only home during the holidays and vacations.

As far as I remember, December in Cagayan has always been rainy or at least windy cold. It’s the jacket and pajamas time of the year.

As a teenager, going to Misa de Gallo was challenging. Actually, it’s the process that is- taking a shower with icy cold water and walking or taking the ride to the church. It’s always warm inside the church anyway, kaya masarap matulog, haha.

So I expected a wet Christmas, just like last year when I had a misadventure before making it home. Indeed it was raining in some parts of the province. Once at home, I started commenting about how cold windy it is and how cold the wind it. It’s like I’m in Baguio all over again. Nasanay na ako sa weather ng Manila na kahit bumabagyo, di mo pa rin kelangan ng jacket kasi di mahangin man, di naman icy cold ang temperature. These are the times na ayoko lumabas ng bahay, gusto ko lang forver sa loob ng bahay, nakabalot ng wool na kumot, habang kumakain, nanood, o nagbabasa.

Anyway, yun lang talaga ang gusto kong sabihin, na para lang din akong nasa Baguio ngayon. I should really be in Baguio  in the 28th for a friend’s wedding but I decided not to go since I only got 10 days to spend with the family and I only come home twice or thrice a year, so there, kelangan ko naman bumawi  kasi sigurado in the next days, nasa labas na naman ako with friends.

Anyway, enjoy na lang ang mala-Baguiong weather. In the first place, Christmas is best served cold. Merry Christmas everyone!


Christmas 2011 Gifts Galore

I wrapped my gifts with old Avon catalogues, like I usually do. Nakatipid na, nakatulong pa sa Earth! 😀

The one in dark paper bag is for the grand monito monita. Itim para mapansin. :p

Nakolektang regalo mula sa mga kaopisina.

Stressball galing kay boss. I need tons of this. Yung binabato sana sa isang malaking screen, yun ang makakatanggal ng stress sigurado.

Ito yung natanggap ko sa grand monito monita, galing kay Emman. 🙂

Thank you pipol! Merry Christmas!


Christmas 2011 Wishlist

Because the most anticipated month has officialy begun, I will now post my wishlist just in case Santa or Santa friends get to read this blog:

  • Justin Bieber’s Under the Mistletoe Album
  • Bamboo Manalac’s No Water No Moon album
  • The Bloomfields’ Hit the Ground Running album
  • Calvin & Hobbes and Archie Comic Books (kahit gamit/luma na)
  • Graphic Novels
  • Books by Filipino Authors (kahit di bago/mas luma mas okay)
  • Powerbooks Gift Certificate
  • Pinoy Indie Films DVDs (kahit pirated)
  • Tumbler/Thermo Mug
  • North Face Backpack
  • Beanies
  • Christmas Cards/Snail Mails
  • Anything Frog
  • Cash
Okay, simple lang ang wishlist ko. And I think I deserve these things because I’ve been good this year always been good. Have a stress-free December! 😀