RH Kicked at Tomato Kick

“Five hundred!” I blurted shortly after being seated when I saw what the people at the other table were drinking. Red Horse 500ml. “Ngayon lang ako ulit iinom ng hindi stallion,” I told my friends.

The scorching summer heat makes you just want to stay indoors with the fan and AC on but thank goodness I managed to defy the laze for I should’ve missed yet another awesome night.

When Inah asked if I want to go out, I asked back, “Saan? Sa Mall?” Kasi sobrang init di ko maisip maglakad lakad sa labas, haha. She LOLed, too, and suggested we go to Diliman. Since, I wanted to explore and go food tripping in Diliman for some time now. I said yes. I remembered I was just texting our friend Rogelio the night before and he asked if there’s any get together happening soon. Sakto! Three’s a party!

We were supposed to do some photo sessions but we got lost multiple times and the sun set too soon. We went looking for that restaurant/food stall “Lutong Bahay” but learned that they are open only in the morning. Sayang, we went ice candy-ing and tea-ing instead before moving on in search for the famed Mang Larry’s Isawan. After walking and walking and asking random people for directions (most of them doesn’t really know where Mang Larry’s Isawan is), we found him!

Mang Larry’s Isawan is indeed popular! Pinipilahan talaga! You just need to have patience because they got lots of customers and you have to wait for your orders to be cooked. The wait is worth it anyway. After wolfing down 27 sticks of isaw, we went Tomato Kickin’ so we could talk about things we can only talk about with alcohol around, haha.

I was amazed by how we talked about lots of things about us/our high school life I never knew of, despite the fact that we’ve been friends for years and it’s not the first time we went out together. Then 8 Toleran walks into the bar at di ko na naman mapigilan maging groupie. Ang daldal ko lang at ang ingay ko, kung makapag-Ian Tayao ako parang wala sila 8 sa tabing table. Well, it’s one of the best things about being drunk, you say things and don’t give a damn about what people thinks or say about you or about the things you said. The perks of being unknown, sabi nga ni Inah.

Alam mong lasing ka na kapag yung crush mo pinipicture-an mo nang walang paalam, harap-harapan at may flash pa. :p Yes, 8 is the better looking Queso but I am still Team Ian. 😀 We were the last ones to leave the place. Well, 8 and company were still there when we left but they’re not really customers I supposed? 🙂

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All photos except Isaw and Mang Larry’s Isawan are from Inah.