Trespassing Concert

If checking out the website to confirm the matter counts, then I was April Fooled.

When I saw this from Chito Miranda’s tweet, my initial reaction was, “Really?! This is impossible!” But then I had to check if the website really exists, because I’m gullible like that. :p Of course, it’s a prank. Some of my friends fell for it, too.

But wow, Eraserheads, Rivermaya and Yano- this could’ve been the concert of the decade, maybe century. 😀



The original Rivermaya: Nathan Azarcon, Perf de Castro, Bamboo Manalac, Mark Escueta, Rico Blanco

This entry has long been laying in the drafts section waiting to be publish and today, upon watching a certain video of current and former members of Rivermaya jamming together, I felt the need to finally finish this entry. And it goes like this.

I have liked loved Rivermaya since the day I discovered their music. I was in primary school and I wasn’t really musically inclined (I do not have any talent or skill in music) but thank goodness the people around me loved music. Back then, we had this rectangular player (we call it karaoke) that serves as our FM/AM radio, cassette player and is also used during karaoke sessions at home.

Rivermaya started making name in the music industry in the 93s or something, I was about 5 then. Bata pa so laro pa ang priority ko nun. I started getting hooked with ‘Maya music when I heard their song “Himala” (from their second album “Trip”). I remembered playing the cassette tape with the song over and over again. (I just can’t remember which I had loved first, ‘Maya or the Eraserheads since I also remember getting addicted to “Overdrive” which is all responsible for my dreams of making it to Baguio one day. Until now I still consider it my favorite Eheads song. Anyway, I love them both.)

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