Trespassing Concert

If checking out the website to confirm the matter counts, then I was April Fooled.

When I saw this from Chito Miranda’s tweet, my initial reaction was, “Really?! This is impossible!” But then I had to check if the website really exists, because I’m gullible like that. :p Of course, it’s a prank. Some of my friends fell for it, too.

But wow, Eraserheads, Rivermaya and Yano- this could’ve been the concert of the decade, maybe century. 😀


Coca-Cola Concert ng Bayan

I got VIP tickets for the Coke Concert ng Bayan and even though my buddies Mara and Dona were tired from the endless pila they’ve been through all afternoon, they gave in to my plea to go and take a peek at the event.

Minutes before, I was walking down Seaside Boulevard to meet the two. Callalily was playing and during their last song, fireworks blasted up in the air and then I began walking like I as in a music video, LOL. I would’ve preferred a different band playing in the background though. :p

When we got in at MOA Concert Gounds, Sandwich was playing and after one song, Jay Durias of South Border joined them onstage where they performed two collaborations- one Sandwich song and a South Border track. Raymund sure enjoyed the number as he was grooving to the beat of rocked “Kahit Kailan.”

6cyclemind performed with new artists Eunice Jorge of Gracenote and Kleggy Abaya of Banda ni Kleggy. I’ve been a fan of Gracenote since I saw them perform at the UP Fair two years ago. Eunice never fails to amuse me everytime. With the looks and the talent, this rocker girl is someone I wish I was. 😀

I think I’ve seen Banda ni Kleggy at Saguijo before but it was only during this concert na tumatak sakin kung sino ang Banda ni Kleggy. Ang kulit lang. :p

This is one of the highlights of the first half of the half of the Concert ng Bayan. Wolfgang’s set was longer than the other bands and there were youngsters who didn’t seem to have an idea who they’re bashing. Some girl was shouting, “Alis na!” Mara was right, we were with the wrong crowd.

When I learned about the Wolfgang + Gloc-9 collaboration from Nina Sandejas’ blog, I thought it’s interesting. They performed “Halik ni Hudas and it was damn good. Gloc-9 gave a good show, too. Aside from rocking with Wolfgang, he sang “Hari ng Tondo” with Denise Barbacena of Protege and “One Hit combo” with Parokya ni Edgar.

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Now this is something I wanted to happen in a beerfest. :p

Coke being sprayed at the crowd

The crowd went wild when Parokya ni Edgar was called out. The screams were deafening and people began pushing. Sabagay, ito rin ang dahilan kung bakit gusto manood ni Mara. Buti lumabas sila sa first half. Ang kulit lang ni Chito at Vinci. 🙂 Oh, this was the first time I’ve seen them perform live, too.

We had to leave after PNE’s set dahil may lakad pa the next day. We missed lots of OPM biggies including Pupil which I’ve been dying to see. Buti na lang nakita ko si Ginoboi who hosted the second half of the concert, so cute ❤.

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