OPM Songs About Weed and Getting High

I’m certain there are lots of OPM songs out there that sings about, you know, the weed and stuff- some literally and some figuratively. Yesterday, I noticed it was 4/19 making it 4/20 today, and while working, Eraserheads’ Alapaap played. I thought I’d look into my playlist for songs that, uh, well, are perfect for the moment.

I found only 5 popular hits from my thin playlist. If you know other songs with the similar theme, do share them to me.

5. Alapaap – Eraserheads

Masdan mo ang aking mata
Di mo ba nakikita
Ako ngayo’y lumilipad at nasa langit na
Gusto mo bang sumama

I was just a kid when this song came out. Like every other Eraserheads song, I loved this- memorized some of the lines and getting only the literal meaning of the words. Growing up and I would hear this song, I came to understand the subtle message it conveys. I think there was even some proposal to ban this song on the airwaves when some Senator claimed it is a bad influence among the youth because it promotes smoking pot. This is happened during the massive popularity of the band. [Full lyrics]

4. Mottaka – Cheese

When the moon shines, from the heavens above
Life will be sweet, so green and so young
Hemp will be ruling my brothers again
If you got the ganja, then pass it my friend

When the moon shines from the heavens above
Life will be sweet, so green and so young
I open my mind as I lie on the floor
Join me as we both live in ecstacy

I wasn’t aware of this band until college because their genre wasn’t really my slice of cheese (pun not intended) during my early teenage years (I’ve already known the band as Queso). Lately, in my move to widen my knowledge about OPM, I’ve been rediscovering new and old music including theirs and similar bands like Slapshock, whom as a kid I hated very much and even called their music “noise.” Sorry na, I loved boybands, eh! :p

About the song, well, you don’t have to spare extra brain cells to get what it says. Mottaka bluntly speaks about smoking. [Full lyrics]

3. 4:20 – Kamikazee
Nakayakap sa kalawakan
O kay sarap na mahibang
Kislap at pungay ng mata
Napapaluha sa saya
Ikaw ang may dala
Kamikazee’s 4:20 is all about being high- hallucinations and every nice things smoking pot brings. [Full lyrics]


2. Song for the Suspect – Franco

One love, jah love
Come and feel the vibe
He’s given us the herb
Rising from under the Earth
With soul we can unite
So give me and pass me the light
Throw away all your hate come, come with me

This is one of my favorite OPM of all times. There’s just something with the song that makes me feel good. Franco bluntly speaks of the ‘herb’ in this piece. Right in the middle of the song, there’s even a narration of Bob Marley about the weed being created for the use of man- “created by divine mind for divine purposes.” [Full lyrics]

1. Momay – Juan Thugs

Lumilipad na naman ang isip ko
Na para bang ako’y nasa kalangitan
Sa tuwing si Momay ay aking matitikman
(Sa tuwing si Momay ay aking matitikman)
Ang simoy ng hangin sa akin ay lumalamig na
(Ang simoy ng hangin sa akin ay lumalamig na)
Shotgun shotgun ganja ganja buddha buddha

This is my #1 and I don’t have to explain myself. :p [Full lyrics]

Happy 420 people! Keep the light blazing.


Trespassing Concert

If checking out the website to confirm the matter counts, then I was April Fooled.

When I saw this from Chito Miranda’s tweet, my initial reaction was, “Really?! This is impossible!” But then I had to check if the website really exists, because I’m gullible like that. :p Of course, it’s a prank. Some of my friends fell for it, too.

But wow, Eraserheads, Rivermaya and Yano- this could’ve been the concert of the decade, maybe century. 😀


Coca-Cola Concert ng Bayan

I got VIP tickets for the Coke Concert ng Bayan and even though my buddies Mara and Dona were tired from the endless pila they’ve been through all afternoon, they gave in to my plea to go and take a peek at the event.

Minutes before, I was walking down Seaside Boulevard to meet the two. Callalily was playing and during their last song, fireworks blasted up in the air and then I began walking like I as in a music video, LOL. I would’ve preferred a different band playing in the background though. :p

When we got in at MOA Concert Gounds, Sandwich was playing and after one song, Jay Durias of South Border joined them onstage where they performed two collaborations- one Sandwich song and a South Border track. Raymund sure enjoyed the number as he was grooving to the beat of rocked “Kahit Kailan.”

6cyclemind performed with new artists Eunice Jorge of Gracenote and Kleggy Abaya of Banda ni Kleggy. I’ve been a fan of Gracenote since I saw them perform at the UP Fair two years ago. Eunice never fails to amuse me everytime. With the looks and the talent, this rocker girl is someone I wish I was. 😀

I think I’ve seen Banda ni Kleggy at Saguijo before but it was only during this concert na tumatak sakin kung sino ang Banda ni Kleggy. Ang kulit lang. :p

This is one of the highlights of the first half of the half of the Concert ng Bayan. Wolfgang’s set was longer than the other bands and there were youngsters who didn’t seem to have an idea who they’re bashing. Some girl was shouting, “Alis na!” Mara was right, we were with the wrong crowd.

When I learned about the Wolfgang + Gloc-9 collaboration from Nina Sandejas’ blog, I thought it’s interesting. They performed “Halik ni Hudas and it was damn good. Gloc-9 gave a good show, too. Aside from rocking with Wolfgang, he sang “Hari ng Tondo” with Denise Barbacena of Protege and “One Hit combo” with Parokya ni Edgar.

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Now this is something I wanted to happen in a beerfest. :p

Coke being sprayed at the crowd

The crowd went wild when Parokya ni Edgar was called out. The screams were deafening and people began pushing. Sabagay, ito rin ang dahilan kung bakit gusto manood ni Mara. Buti lumabas sila sa first half. Ang kulit lang ni Chito at Vinci. 🙂 Oh, this was the first time I’ve seen them perform live, too.

We had to leave after PNE’s set dahil may lakad pa the next day. We missed lots of OPM biggies including Pupil which I’ve been dying to see. Buti na lang nakita ko si Ginoboi who hosted the second half of the concert, so cute ❤.

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Rock in Peace Karl Roy

Karl Roy (Photography by Tom Epperson)

Rest is peace Karl Roy. God is probably headbanging right now.

The first news I heard today, just out of bed, consciousness barely awake, right after going downstairs to prepare myself for another day’s work, from the bathroom I heard the reporter says, Rock icon Karl Roy passed away early Tuesday morning.

Syempre nagising ako agad, thinking baka mali yung narinig ko. Pero sa dulo ng report ay binanggit ang pangalan ng mga kapatid niya. So yun, hanggang biyahe papuntang opisina, iniisip ko na pagdating na pagdating ko tatanungin ko si Marco kung totoo ba yun.

Just last night or probably kaninang madaling-araw, Karl Roy was in my dreams. I kid you not, I have superpowers I can see the future, nah, but seriously, he was in my dream. If you wanna know about it, read on.

Ebe Dancel, his former band Sugarfree to be specific, was shooting a music video. I was there, di ko lang maalala kung anong ginagawa ko dun. I was probably directing them (in my dreams, literally). The setting was somewhere in the rural, isang kalsada tapos maraming puno sa paligid at walang mga sasakyan na dumadaan. May ilan-ilang taong dumadaan at nag-comment pa nga ako, buti na lang hindi sila (musicians) pinagkakaguluhan.

Like every dream, I can’t remember the sequence, pero andun din si Vin Dancel and at one point andun si Karl Roy (parang dumaan sa shoot or something). Things got weider when (in my dreams) I learned that Ebe, Vin and Karl were brothers, biologically. Of course I asked, sabi magkakapatid nga daw sila, si Karl ang panganay tapos stage name niya lang yung Karl Roy. Marami pa silang magkakapatid dun eh, Dancel sila lahat ah. Tapos may kubo, sa loob nun naka-hang yung framed photos nilang magkakapatid. Yun lang ang naaalala ko.

Tapos pagbukas ko ng Twitter pagdating sa opisina, unang bumungad sakin ang tweet ni Ebe tungkol sa pagpanaw ni Karl.

Di ako maka-get over. I’m not the biggest fan but I like the music of P.O.T. and Kapatid. Why who can resist dancing to the groovy “Yugyugan Na” or singing along with “Panaginip”?

These past weeks, I’ve been meaning to catch one of their gigs in Malate pero di lang ako nagkaroon ng chance kasi walang makasama. Now I’ll never get to see The Karl Roy and his electrifying performance as they say.

It’s Tuesday morning and the heavens cried to mourn the passing away of a great musician. You will be forever remembered Karl Roy. Rock the heavens kapatid!

Karl Roy is a Filipino funk and rock music icon and frontman of Advent Call, Kapatid and P.O.T.


Red Revolution Under the Moonlight

Last night was like college all coming back to me. Standing midst the crowd in the grassy yet dusty grounds, with a drink on one hand while watching live bands rocking the moonlight-night away. Music. Booze. Good company. Just like the good old days.

Sounds like UP Baguio Pasiklaban in 2005 (and years before), minus the icy cold weather. Gad, what’s up with this girl being nostalgic again.

Pero true story, ang saya ko lang talaga kagabi. Kung pwede lang ganun na lang ang buhay. After, sometime kagabi lang din kami ulit nagkita ni Katrina, isa sa aking rocknroll friends. Napadaan lang talaga kami sa Channel V Musicfest. Sabi ko nga kasi’y wala na naman akong life kaya kelangan kong lumabas-labas kahit saglit. At tuwing magsasabi si Inah na di na daw kami nakakapag-inom, dahil nang minsang nag-aya siya’y tinatamad akong lumabas ng bahay, oo kahit pa para uminom, naks!

Pagdating nami’y set ng Paraluman at umalis kami habang tumutugtog ang Kenyo ng “Hanggang Kailan” na sinabayan ko ng, “Oo uuwi na nga kami baby, sabi mo eh.” Habang binabagtas ang napakalawak na venue (konti lang kasi tao).

Sarap sana mag-stay pa, marami pang bandang tutugtog, at sa tagal naming di nagkita ni Inah, siguradong non-stop usapan tungkol sa kung ano-ano lang at P25 lang ang bote ng Tanduay Ice at Manila Beer! Mehn, kaso may pasok pa ang mga corporate junkies kinabukasan. Pero ayos na din, solve na sa Urbandub. 🙂