OPM Songs About Weed and Getting High

I’m certain there are lots of OPM songs out there that sings about, you know, the weed and stuff- some literally and some figuratively. Yesterday, I noticed it was 4/19 making it 4/20 today, and while working, Eraserheads’ Alapaap played. I thought I’d look into my playlist for songs that, uh, well, are perfect for the moment.

I found only 5 popular hits from my thin playlist. If you know other songs with the similar theme, do share them to me.

5. Alapaap – Eraserheads

Masdan mo ang aking mata
Di mo ba nakikita
Ako ngayo’y lumilipad at nasa langit na
Gusto mo bang sumama

I was just a kid when this song came out. Like every other Eraserheads song, I loved this- memorized some of the lines and getting only the literal meaning of the words. Growing up and I would hear this song, I came to understand the subtle message it conveys. I think there was even some proposal to ban this song on the airwaves when some Senator claimed it is a bad influence among the youth because it promotes smoking pot. This is happened during the massive popularity of the band. [Full lyrics]

4. Mottaka – Cheese

When the moon shines, from the heavens above
Life will be sweet, so green and so young
Hemp will be ruling my brothers again
If you got the ganja, then pass it my friend

When the moon shines from the heavens above
Life will be sweet, so green and so young
I open my mind as I lie on the floor
Join me as we both live in ecstacy

I wasn’t aware of this band until college because their genre wasn’t really my slice of cheese (pun not intended) during my early teenage years (I’ve already known the band as Queso). Lately, in my move to widen my knowledge about OPM, I’ve been rediscovering new and old music including theirs and similar bands like Slapshock, whom as a kid I hated very much and even called their music “noise.” Sorry na, I loved boybands, eh! :p

About the song, well, you don’t have to spare extra brain cells to get what it says. Mottaka bluntly speaks about smoking. [Full lyrics]

3. 4:20 – Kamikazee
Nakayakap sa kalawakan
O kay sarap na mahibang
Kislap at pungay ng mata
Napapaluha sa saya
Ikaw ang may dala
Kamikazee’s 4:20 is all about being high- hallucinations and every nice things smoking pot brings. [Full lyrics]


2. Song for the Suspect – Franco

One love, jah love
Come and feel the vibe
He’s given us the herb
Rising from under the Earth
With soul we can unite
So give me and pass me the light
Throw away all your hate come, come with me

This is one of my favorite OPM of all times. There’s just something with the song that makes me feel good. Franco bluntly speaks of the ‘herb’ in this piece. Right in the middle of the song, there’s even a narration of Bob Marley about the weed being created for the use of man- “created by divine mind for divine purposes.” [Full lyrics]

1. Momay – Juan Thugs

Lumilipad na naman ang isip ko
Na para bang ako’y nasa kalangitan
Sa tuwing si Momay ay aking matitikman
(Sa tuwing si Momay ay aking matitikman)
Ang simoy ng hangin sa akin ay lumalamig na
(Ang simoy ng hangin sa akin ay lumalamig na)
Shotgun shotgun ganja ganja buddha buddha

This is my #1 and I don’t have to explain myself. :p [Full lyrics]

Happy 420 people! Keep the light blazing.


90s Music for 90s Kids

Last night I was telling my friend how going to events like UP Fair makes me feel different about myself. Para bang automatic na teenager mode agad ako. And when I’ll realize there are younger people around, that’s when it comes to me that I’m already 23 yet still act like a teen. This doesn’t bother me though. Not at all. LOL Nonsense intro.

Together with good friends, I went to UP Fair on a Tuesday night- and Valentine night, too- because (1) the event (a benefit concert for the Philippine rivers) was sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity Eta Chapter, moi kapatids and (2) they’ve got a really nice line up- a mix of bands from the 90s and today. I thought I wouldn’t let the opportunity pass so I bugged some friends to come along. I succeed tagging along 4 awesome people with me- two of which doesn’t have a date like me. Lelz.

By the way, I finally got to taste Manang’s Chicken. I often read and hear positive reviews about this food so when I saw their tent at the fair, I just had to satisfy mu hunger through their food. And indeed it was damn good! After eating, we went to find a nice spot to watch the performers.

What’s so awesome about this night is how the music took us down memory lane. Yung tipong nakaksabay ka sa mga kanta, well, in my case, limot ko na yung mga lyrics ng karamihan sa mga tinugtog ng 90s bands, but every now and then I would mutter, “Ooh, sila pala kumanta niyan”, “memorized ko yan noon”, “elementary palang tayo nun”, “kinakanta yan ng mga kaklase kong lalake sa elementary”, etc. Ang saya lang! Instant balik sa nakaraan! 🙂

It’s just too bad I wasn’t able to bring the a camera (stupid me). Shyne and Inah did bring cams but Inah had to leave early and Shyne’s ran out of battery too soon. I hated myself all throughout the night. To think we’ve got a pretty good spot, in the middle and just a few meters away from the stage, a real nice spot to take videos. But anyway, it’s all over, gotta move on. I just hope I get to watch the bands (90s) sometime again in the future.

SyamnAPO sa Ilog Kong Irog videos from random YouTube uploads and photos from Inah.

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Philippine Violators is the only band that was photographed with a SyamnAPO background because it was the only time when people tried hanging the backdrop. All the while I was watching them guys go and down ala spiderman without any protective gear.

After Franco’s set, Inah had to leave as she had to go to work at 8 am the next day. The four of us stayed and watched more awesome performances. Ang kulit lang ng Kamikaze at Grin Department. Greyhoundz and Wolfgang also rocked the night. At ang saya ko lang dahil kasama pa si Ian Tayao nung  tumugtog ang Greyhoundz. ❤

We left right after Wolfgang’s set. Shyne is a big fan of the band so we really waited for them, just like most people at the fair because a huge chunk of the audience also began to leave after Wolfgang.

Noel Cabangon – Kanlungan

Noel Cabangon & Bituin Escalante – Himig ng Pag-Ibig

The Youth – Multong Bakla

Siakol – Lakas-Tama

WilaBaliW – Illuminate I

Franco – Song for the Suspect | This Gathering | Touch the Sky

Kamikazee – Halik | Martyr Nyebera | Tagpuan