NKOTBSB in Manila

It’s been 24 hours but I’m still on high. As a matter of fact, I’m playist BSB while writing this blog. What sorcery is this. I wonder how many days will these happy hormones last. 😀 So this is what it’s like to finally see the Backstreet Boys rock their bodies right, right before my eyes. NKTOBSB concert at MOA Arena last night was a indeed a blast.

Few weeks back I told Mara I wanna go to this concert, kahit GenAd lang but nobody’s up so I just trashed the idea, until Michelle asked me to get her a coupon because Groupon’s selling tickets at 50% off. And there was my chance to see the Backstreet Boys live.

My huge assed camera didn’t get in, and Mara and Michelle didn’t bring any point & shoot so Mara’s phones were our salvation. Of course, I was embittered by that palpak na diskarte to bring the dslr inside but I was happy anyway so I just let it go. I grabbed photos from Ovation Productions’ Facebook page for the visuals of this entry. 🙂

The show started at 8pm with this Filipino boyband V4th as the opening act. After their number, Donnie went onstage and we all thought the main event’s gonna start, but turned out he just introduced another front act, Jay-R and some rapper Fil-Am dude. I was starting to grow bored and sleepy (I’m lola), but it didn’t really take long. At 9pm, the boys are already onstage.

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They started the show with a mash-up each band’s originals with elements from Coldplay’s Viva La Vida. It was powerful I had goosebumps. All members of the two bands were on the stage. Naturally, my eyes searched for Nick Carter (I am mainstream) and when I first laid eyes on his face I screamed my lungs out and buried my face in my friends shoulder, read mamamatay sa kilig. Nick’s still handsome as ever. I was so thrilled to see him performing just a meter/s away from me. ❤ The Backstreet Boys singing and dancing right before my eyes. Wow, good job, Irish. Your 9 year old self is so proud of you. 😀

The entrance was grand, with the two groups singing and dancing while slowly spreading into the extended stage. Jordan Knight and Nick Carter came in pair and my ovaries almost exploded. (Almost, because my ovaries exploded due to Nick Carter’s pelvic trusts all throughout the concert. Please don’t judge a fan girl. For years, I’ve only dreamed of seeing these guys perform live, and then they were finally there, in flesh.

Ang kulit lang ni Nick, di siya mapakali. Michelle says, baka may ADHD daw, haha. Well, it’s a good thing though, he performed with 110% energy. Howie is fine. I say he’s the type that you can bring home to your Momma. I’ve only seen them once and here I am making judgments but seriously, Howie looks so mabait. During the first part of the BSB performance, AJ wore a black vest with the words “Daddy To Be” printed at the back, and sometime at the end of a number, he removed his pants, baring an animal print tights/leotards, whatever they’re called. I also say Brian is the friendliest. At one point while them boys are on pause, and the audience settled, I threw an awkward “hi” to Brian who’s facing in our direction and then, he hi’d back imitating my awkward hand gesture. Well, it’s not really surprising as he kept on smiling at waving at the people everytime they’re on stage. 🙂

What even made this night funfilled was that most of the songs they performed were in my ‘set list wish.’ I didn’t do any research about the set list of the NKOTBSB tour so I was thrilled when most of the songs they performed were on my list of songs I want them to perform, haha. The Backstreet Boys may no longer be Boys but sure they can still strut their stuff.

One of the highlights of the concert was when BSB pick 4 girls to be with them onstage while they serenade them with “Ill Never Break Your Heart”. What lucky lasses they were. Although, while they were picking up girls from the audience, I was kinda praying not to be picked because I’m not sure how awkward I would get once I’m up there, hehe. Nick picked a lovely girl (looks like a foreigner) and did what every girl wants a guy to do when serenading a girl, In short, ang landi niya lang kahit sinong nagka-crush sa kanya maiinggit sa pinaggagagawa niya dun sa inakyat niya sa stage. :p

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Obviously, I was there for the BSB but I couldn’t be more than happy to see the New Kids On the Block who are very popular to generations a little older than mine. They’re already nearing in their 40s but they still rocked the stage. Performance level pa rin ang mga Kuya! Their singing, too, was so amazing. Joey McIntyre sure can still hit high notes. It’s not surprising why they were a big deal to the Ates/Titas. They were pretty much like BSB or ‘NSync or Westlife- the boybandness and all.

Jordan Knight was so gwapo and Joey McIntyre was so cute I definitely won’t titozone them. 😀 And dude, Donnie Wahlberg’s abs, whatup. Nilampaso niya yung mga BSB na supposedly ay silang may mga abs din kasi bata pa. :p

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Bukod sa wala kaming kamera, ang mga bagay na nagpa-bitter lalo samin ay nung masalo ng katabi ko yung autographed mini-poster ng BSB at masalo ng mga nasa likod nila Mara yung jacket ni Nick. Gad, puro na lang kami almost. What is.

This concert might even be the best concert I’ve been so far. It’s the concert you wish wouldn’t end too soon. All those boybandness- singing and dancing- relived the gushing little girl in me. I still am happy I grew up in the 90s. 🙂

Set List


Single/The One Mash-Up in Viva La Vida elements

Summertime – NKOTB

The Call – BSB

Dirty Dancing – NKOTB

Get Down (You’re the One for Me) – BSB

You Got It (The Right Stuff) – NKOTB

Larger Than Life – BSB



Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind this Time)

Valentine Girl

If You Go Away

Please Don’t Go Girl



Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely

10,000 Promises

I’ll Never Break Your Heart





Step By Step

Cover Girl

My Favorite Girl





Shape Of My Heart

As Long As You Love Me

All I Have To Give

We’ve Got It Goin’

Quit Playin’ Games With My Heart


I’ll Be Lovin’ You Forever – NKOTB

I Want It That Way – BSB

Don’t Turn Out The Lights – NKOTBSB


Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) – BSB

Hangin’ Tough – NKOTB



Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

Hangin’ Tough (with excerpts from We Will Rock You)


Hanson Live in Manila

Remember these three blonde boys in a band called Hanson?

Well, they’ve all growed up now. (Not that you aren’t aware, but I’ll always remember them as teenage boys and it was surreal seeing them all grown up and performing right infront of me and many others, live.)

(Photo credits:

This is silly, of course, you all know that. I just can’t think of an intro. :p

Oh well, for how many days now I’ve been hung over with Hanson since I saw them in person for the first time last Friday. Yes, Hanson performing right infront of me and a few thousand other Hanson fans. It was surreal!

This is a dream come true- a childhood dream that finally came true. May be a little late, but not yet too late. 🙂 They first came to the Philippines in 2004 but I was still in the far off Cagayan then, with no means of going to Manila whatsoever.

Hanson was a huge deal in my generation’s childhood, especially to the girls, hehe. When I heard they’ll be dropping by the Philippines for a two-night concert, I was more than thrilled. I know I’ll be missing quite a lot if I let this one pass. I’m too broke to avail of VIP seats so my friend and I just settled for the lower box.

I’m not the biggest Hanson fan, as a matter of fact, I only knew few of their songs by heart. I was so amazed with all these people who sang along with every single Hanson song.

The show ran for almost two hours but it seemed not enough. I still wanted more! Kung posible lang sana tumugtog sila ng 5 hours ganyan. 😀

Since last week, I kept looking at Helga‘s blog for her Hanson stories because I know she’s one helluva Hanson fan. She has indeed lots of updates that only made me jealous everytime because she and her friends got to speak and interact with Isaac, Taylor and Zac. How fortunate.

Meanwhile, this is all we can do to get close to them. :p

Otherwise, it was euphoric. And nostalgic, too.

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Hanson’s Set List

Waiting for This

Where’s the Love

Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’

Thinking of You

A Minute Without You

Crazy Beautiful

Can’t Stop

Strong Enough to Break


Wish That I Was There

A Song to Sing

With You in Your Dreams

This Time Around

And I Waited

Penny & Me

Give a Little


Lost Without Each Other

If Only


Coca-Cola Concert ng Bayan

I got VIP tickets for the Coke Concert ng Bayan and even though my buddies Mara and Dona were tired from the endless pila they’ve been through all afternoon, they gave in to my plea to go and take a peek at the event.

Minutes before, I was walking down Seaside Boulevard to meet the two. Callalily was playing and during their last song, fireworks blasted up in the air and then I began walking like I as in a music video, LOL. I would’ve preferred a different band playing in the background though. :p

When we got in at MOA Concert Gounds, Sandwich was playing and after one song, Jay Durias of South Border joined them onstage where they performed two collaborations- one Sandwich song and a South Border track. Raymund sure enjoyed the number as he was grooving to the beat of rocked “Kahit Kailan.”

6cyclemind performed with new artists Eunice Jorge of Gracenote and Kleggy Abaya of Banda ni Kleggy. I’ve been a fan of Gracenote since I saw them perform at the UP Fair two years ago. Eunice never fails to amuse me everytime. With the looks and the talent, this rocker girl is someone I wish I was. 😀

I think I’ve seen Banda ni Kleggy at Saguijo before but it was only during this concert na tumatak sakin kung sino ang Banda ni Kleggy. Ang kulit lang. :p

This is one of the highlights of the first half of the half of the Concert ng Bayan. Wolfgang’s set was longer than the other bands and there were youngsters who didn’t seem to have an idea who they’re bashing. Some girl was shouting, “Alis na!” Mara was right, we were with the wrong crowd.

When I learned about the Wolfgang + Gloc-9 collaboration from Nina Sandejas’ blog, I thought it’s interesting. They performed “Halik ni Hudas and it was damn good. Gloc-9 gave a good show, too. Aside from rocking with Wolfgang, he sang “Hari ng Tondo” with Denise Barbacena of Protege and “One Hit combo” with Parokya ni Edgar.

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Now this is something I wanted to happen in a beerfest. :p

Coke being sprayed at the crowd

The crowd went wild when Parokya ni Edgar was called out. The screams were deafening and people began pushing. Sabagay, ito rin ang dahilan kung bakit gusto manood ni Mara. Buti lumabas sila sa first half. Ang kulit lang ni Chito at Vinci. 🙂 Oh, this was the first time I’ve seen them perform live, too.

We had to leave after PNE’s set dahil may lakad pa the next day. We missed lots of OPM biggies including Pupil which I’ve been dying to see. Buti na lang nakita ko si Ginoboi who hosted the second half of the concert, so cute ❤.

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90s Music for 90s Kids

Last night I was telling my friend how going to events like UP Fair makes me feel different about myself. Para bang automatic na teenager mode agad ako. And when I’ll realize there are younger people around, that’s when it comes to me that I’m already 23 yet still act like a teen. This doesn’t bother me though. Not at all. LOL Nonsense intro.

Together with good friends, I went to UP Fair on a Tuesday night- and Valentine night, too- because (1) the event (a benefit concert for the Philippine rivers) was sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity Eta Chapter, moi kapatids and (2) they’ve got a really nice line up- a mix of bands from the 90s and today. I thought I wouldn’t let the opportunity pass so I bugged some friends to come along. I succeed tagging along 4 awesome people with me- two of which doesn’t have a date like me. Lelz.

By the way, I finally got to taste Manang’s Chicken. I often read and hear positive reviews about this food so when I saw their tent at the fair, I just had to satisfy mu hunger through their food. And indeed it was damn good! After eating, we went to find a nice spot to watch the performers.

What’s so awesome about this night is how the music took us down memory lane. Yung tipong nakaksabay ka sa mga kanta, well, in my case, limot ko na yung mga lyrics ng karamihan sa mga tinugtog ng 90s bands, but every now and then I would mutter, “Ooh, sila pala kumanta niyan”, “memorized ko yan noon”, “elementary palang tayo nun”, “kinakanta yan ng mga kaklase kong lalake sa elementary”, etc. Ang saya lang! Instant balik sa nakaraan! 🙂

It’s just too bad I wasn’t able to bring the a camera (stupid me). Shyne and Inah did bring cams but Inah had to leave early and Shyne’s ran out of battery too soon. I hated myself all throughout the night. To think we’ve got a pretty good spot, in the middle and just a few meters away from the stage, a real nice spot to take videos. But anyway, it’s all over, gotta move on. I just hope I get to watch the bands (90s) sometime again in the future.

SyamnAPO sa Ilog Kong Irog videos from random YouTube uploads and photos from Inah.

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Philippine Violators is the only band that was photographed with a SyamnAPO background because it was the only time when people tried hanging the backdrop. All the while I was watching them guys go and down ala spiderman without any protective gear.

After Franco’s set, Inah had to leave as she had to go to work at 8 am the next day. The four of us stayed and watched more awesome performances. Ang kulit lang ng Kamikaze at Grin Department. Greyhoundz and Wolfgang also rocked the night. At ang saya ko lang dahil kasama pa si Ian Tayao nung  tumugtog ang Greyhoundz. ❤

We left right after Wolfgang’s set. Shyne is a big fan of the band so we really waited for them, just like most people at the fair because a huge chunk of the audience also began to leave after Wolfgang.

Noel Cabangon – Kanlungan

Noel Cabangon & Bituin Escalante – Himig ng Pag-Ibig

The Youth – Multong Bakla

Siakol – Lakas-Tama

WilaBaliW – Illuminate I

Franco – Song for the Suspect | This Gathering | Touch the Sky

Kamikazee – Halik | Martyr Nyebera | Tagpuan