Taste the Bohol Waters

When in Bohol, make sure to hit the beach. Bohol beaches have much beauty comparable that of the famed Boracay Island. Panglao beach is most popular among tourists but the province has other beaches that are equally beautiful. On our second day in Bohol, we succeeded in waking up early to witness the sunrise but the sunrise itsef didn’t succeed in amusing us. Unfortunately, the sun rose in the mountains. Continue reading “Taste the Bohol Waters”


Road Tripping in Bohol

On the third day, we did wake up early but still failed to catch the 7am trip to Bohol. But it’s not totally a bad thing since we had the chance to have breakfast first. Mukhang pagkain. 😀

An hour and a half later, everyone dozed off while on the way to Bohol via Fastcraft- a ferry that moves faster in the water and it looks like a submarine. Fare is P220 and P10 for terminal fee. We reached the seas of Bohol in exactly one hour. We were met at the Pier by our tour guide.

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