The original Rivermaya: Nathan Azarcon, Perf de Castro, Bamboo Manalac, Mark Escueta, Rico Blanco

This entry has long been laying in the drafts section waiting to be publish and today, upon watching a certain video of current and former members of Rivermaya jamming together, I felt the need to finally finish this entry. And it goes like this.

I have liked loved Rivermaya since the day I discovered their music. I was in primary school and I wasn’t really musically inclined (I do not have any talent or skill in music) but thank goodness the people around me loved music. Back then, we had this rectangular player (we call it karaoke) that serves as our FM/AM radio, cassette player and is also used during karaoke sessions at home.

Rivermaya started making name in the music industry in the 93s or something, I was about 5 then. Bata pa so laro pa ang priority ko nun. I started getting hooked with ‘Maya music when I heard their song “Himala” (from their second album “Trip”). I remembered playing the cassette tape with the song over and over again. (I just can’t remember which I had loved first, ‘Maya or the Eraserheads since I also remember getting addicted to “Overdrive” which is all responsible for my dreams of making it to Baguio one day. Until now I still consider it my favorite Eheads song. Anyway, I love them both.)

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Meeting The Bamboo

This must be how a drugged person feels like. So high. It’s been hours but I’m still ecstatic I couldn’t get myself go down, haha! Well, who wouldn’t be?

What is a happy Sunday. This is an early Christmas gift and a huge favor I’ve done for myself. A dream come true indeed. Franciso “Bamboo” Mañalac in flesh and blood. Just wow. I got to shake his hand, spoke and had a photo with him. And after hours, the smile in my face won’t still go away. I dunno what is, but I was trembling while having our photo taken, LOL. TL haha! I never thought I would ever get to him that close.

A little backgrounder on this fangirling: si Bamboo lang naman kasi ang aking one true love childhood crush idol mula pagkabata (Rivermaya days). It’s juct too bad that in my 23 years in this planet, I only got to see him perform live once (with his former band Bamboo), that was in 2006 or 2007 in Baguio. Last month, I failed to go to Tanduay Rockfest where Bamboo first performed as a solo artist. I felt so bad so I made sure to follow his schedules from then on. Stalker much?

When I learned about this CD signing from Anj (fangirl supports co-fangirl), I immediately cancelled my earlier commitment (bad bad person but I’m pretty sure my APO sisters didn’t push through the plan to go to Enchanted Kingdom either because of the rain).

Thank goodness I was able to drag my lazy ass off to Mall of Asia. I live in Manila but anywhere outside the city is distant for me. Plus it has been raining all day. At one point I convinced myself to just stay home and just wait for other meet and greet events in the future. Dona and Virge decide not to go. But then some voices whispered to me, you better move your ass or you may regret not going. The voices were right. The rain’s not big a deal. If the weather remains the same the next day when I go to work, it’ll be as good as going out today. And so I went alone. And I’m so happy I did! One down on my Christmas Wishlist. 🙂

So now I have a copy of No Water No Moon signed by Bamboo himself, and some stuff for friends.

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I’ve been meaning to write a Bamboo-post for quite a while now but I just couldn’t create one. I guess this is it. 🙂 Oh, and I learned there are tons of Bamboo groupies among my Facebook contacts when I posted the first photo on my wall and received lots of likes and comments. Bamboo Mañalac is timeless.