Fête de la Musique 2013

I made it to this year’s Fete de la Musique, thanks to the kind weather.

Actually, when the night fell and I was starting to fall asleep, I kinda hoped it rains so I won’t have to go out anymore. But it didn’t rain so I was forced to go out and meet up with friends.

I wanted to check out the Electronica Stage at Buddha Bar, but when we got there, the place was calm as a lake. There were people inside but there seemed to be nothing music festival-ish that’s happening. So my friend and I left instantly.

LOL Here’s another side of that story. Upon setting foot outside the bar, my friend and I were repulsed. I know the place was sosyal (I saw it tweeted by celebrities) but I thought we’d find masa people like us there because of Fete. We didn’t even attempt to go in because we’re soooo not dressed for that kind of place!

We continued walking along Kalayaan, then we heard loud music somewhere near Makati Ave. We weren’t sure it it’s from the Main Stage (A. Venue) but we went to find where the music’s coming from. And it was indeed the Main Stage! We were lucky to catch the French band Naive New Beaters.

We went in, bought beer and danced.

Everything went downhill after that set. Karen and I went to Domino’s for pizza while waiting for our friends. Unfortunately, when they arrive, we’ve already ran out of energy. We spent most of the night just sitting there at the food market, with Fete in the background. Even before the last set was finished, we headed off to Top Grill, but it’s full. We decided to just retire early, which I was very thankful for because my feet felt really tired.


***Photos from Karen

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Wanderland 2013


So this Wanderland 2013 Music and Arts Festival is happening on May 18. Finally a music and arts festival, in Manila. My friend and I are just talking about this last time, and now it’s happening, and I like most of the bands that are playing. The sad thing is, I’m not sure if I’m going to the festival. I sure want to go! And at 5k, it’s super sulit! But then again… aaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Well, let’s see. And let’s hope the ticket’s not going to get sold out until I decide. 🙂

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3rd Baguio Music Festival


Baguio Music Festival is already on its 3rd year but I only learned about it yesterday. Sayang, it didn’t get scheduled by the time I’m going up to Baguio, by first of March. I think this is just right because there are lots of artists in Baguio. Much better if they make it a music and arts festival. But I don’t know if they have a separate festival for visual arts because the city is a haven for many artists.

I’ve only been to few bars that feature live performances because back when I was in Baguio, I preferred to hang out at places near school, where drinks are cheap. Luckily, these past years everytime I go to Baguio, friends always bring me to bars where there are live performances. I tell you, Baguio has lots of talents.

I hope this event continues to be a success so I can go to one in the future. If you happen to be in Baguio this weekend, so check this out. 🙂


NKOTBSB in Manila

It’s been 24 hours but I’m still on high. As a matter of fact, I’m playist BSB while writing this blog. What sorcery is this. I wonder how many days will these happy hormones last. 😀 So this is what it’s like to finally see the Backstreet Boys rock their bodies right, right before my eyes. NKTOBSB concert at MOA Arena last night was a indeed a blast.

Few weeks back I told Mara I wanna go to this concert, kahit GenAd lang but nobody’s up so I just trashed the idea, until Michelle asked me to get her a coupon because Groupon’s selling tickets at 50% off. And there was my chance to see the Backstreet Boys live.

My huge assed camera didn’t get in, and Mara and Michelle didn’t bring any point & shoot so Mara’s phones were our salvation. Of course, I was embittered by that palpak na diskarte to bring the dslr inside but I was happy anyway so I just let it go. I grabbed photos from Ovation Productions’ Facebook page for the visuals of this entry. 🙂

The show started at 8pm with this Filipino boyband V4th as the opening act. After their number, Donnie went onstage and we all thought the main event’s gonna start, but turned out he just introduced another front act, Jay-R and some rapper Fil-Am dude. I was starting to grow bored and sleepy (I’m lola), but it didn’t really take long. At 9pm, the boys are already onstage.

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They started the show with a mash-up each band’s originals with elements from Coldplay’s Viva La Vida. It was powerful I had goosebumps. All members of the two bands were on the stage. Naturally, my eyes searched for Nick Carter (I am mainstream) and when I first laid eyes on his face I screamed my lungs out and buried my face in my friends shoulder, read mamamatay sa kilig. Nick’s still handsome as ever. I was so thrilled to see him performing just a meter/s away from me. ❤ The Backstreet Boys singing and dancing right before my eyes. Wow, good job, Irish. Your 9 year old self is so proud of you. 😀

The entrance was grand, with the two groups singing and dancing while slowly spreading into the extended stage. Jordan Knight and Nick Carter came in pair and my ovaries almost exploded. (Almost, because my ovaries exploded due to Nick Carter’s pelvic trusts all throughout the concert. Please don’t judge a fan girl. For years, I’ve only dreamed of seeing these guys perform live, and then they were finally there, in flesh.

Ang kulit lang ni Nick, di siya mapakali. Michelle says, baka may ADHD daw, haha. Well, it’s a good thing though, he performed with 110% energy. Howie is fine. I say he’s the type that you can bring home to your Momma. I’ve only seen them once and here I am making judgments but seriously, Howie looks so mabait. During the first part of the BSB performance, AJ wore a black vest with the words “Daddy To Be” printed at the back, and sometime at the end of a number, he removed his pants, baring an animal print tights/leotards, whatever they’re called. I also say Brian is the friendliest. At one point while them boys are on pause, and the audience settled, I threw an awkward “hi” to Brian who’s facing in our direction and then, he hi’d back imitating my awkward hand gesture. Well, it’s not really surprising as he kept on smiling at waving at the people everytime they’re on stage. 🙂

What even made this night funfilled was that most of the songs they performed were in my ‘set list wish.’ I didn’t do any research about the set list of the NKOTBSB tour so I was thrilled when most of the songs they performed were on my list of songs I want them to perform, haha. The Backstreet Boys may no longer be Boys but sure they can still strut their stuff.

One of the highlights of the concert was when BSB pick 4 girls to be with them onstage while they serenade them with “Ill Never Break Your Heart”. What lucky lasses they were. Although, while they were picking up girls from the audience, I was kinda praying not to be picked because I’m not sure how awkward I would get once I’m up there, hehe. Nick picked a lovely girl (looks like a foreigner) and did what every girl wants a guy to do when serenading a girl, In short, ang landi niya lang kahit sinong nagka-crush sa kanya maiinggit sa pinaggagagawa niya dun sa inakyat niya sa stage. :p

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Obviously, I was there for the BSB but I couldn’t be more than happy to see the New Kids On the Block who are very popular to generations a little older than mine. They’re already nearing in their 40s but they still rocked the stage. Performance level pa rin ang mga Kuya! Their singing, too, was so amazing. Joey McIntyre sure can still hit high notes. It’s not surprising why they were a big deal to the Ates/Titas. They were pretty much like BSB or ‘NSync or Westlife- the boybandness and all.

Jordan Knight was so gwapo and Joey McIntyre was so cute I definitely won’t titozone them. 😀 And dude, Donnie Wahlberg’s abs, whatup. Nilampaso niya yung mga BSB na supposedly ay silang may mga abs din kasi bata pa. :p

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Bukod sa wala kaming kamera, ang mga bagay na nagpa-bitter lalo samin ay nung masalo ng katabi ko yung autographed mini-poster ng BSB at masalo ng mga nasa likod nila Mara yung jacket ni Nick. Gad, puro na lang kami almost. What is.

This concert might even be the best concert I’ve been so far. It’s the concert you wish wouldn’t end too soon. All those boybandness- singing and dancing- relived the gushing little girl in me. I still am happy I grew up in the 90s. 🙂

Set List


Single/The One Mash-Up in Viva La Vida elements

Summertime – NKOTB

The Call – BSB

Dirty Dancing – NKOTB

Get Down (You’re the One for Me) – BSB

You Got It (The Right Stuff) – NKOTB

Larger Than Life – BSB



Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind this Time)

Valentine Girl

If You Go Away

Please Don’t Go Girl



Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely

10,000 Promises

I’ll Never Break Your Heart





Step By Step

Cover Girl

My Favorite Girl





Shape Of My Heart

As Long As You Love Me

All I Have To Give

We’ve Got It Goin’

Quit Playin’ Games With My Heart


I’ll Be Lovin’ You Forever – NKOTB

I Want It That Way – BSB

Don’t Turn Out The Lights – NKOTBSB


Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) – BSB

Hangin’ Tough – NKOTB



Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

Hangin’ Tough (with excerpts from We Will Rock You)


Joe Jonas in Manila

Because I didn’t get to see Ian Somerhalder (and didn’t even cross paths with Ian de Leon or Ian Veneracion or Ian Valdez for that matter :p), I made sure to see Joe Jonas, 1/3 of the Jonas Brothers and my crush among them siblings.

The Joe Jonas show at Greenbelt started shortly after seven. The crowd’s full of teens, as expected, which made me feel like a 17 year old once again. 🙂 While waiting for Joe to come up to the stage, one of the girls infront of me was shouting, “ang tagal naman ni Joe! Grade 6 pa lang ako hinihintay na kita!” Gaad, I love them little fangirls. 😀

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Joe sang three songs in a row and then an interview followed, which I decided skip it because I was pre-occupied with the chores waiting for me at home. I claimed my stuff where I left them but then decided to drop by the event before going home, which was a perfect timing because that was when the fans get to ask Joe questions.

Nakakatuwa lang ang mga bagets kasi ang mga tanong nila, “Would you date a Filipina”, “Would you marry a Filipina”, “What do you think of Filipinas”, “What do you think of your fans in the Philippines”, and naiba lang ata yung, “What did you say to your brothers when you arrived in the Philipines” at yung “Would you like your brothers to come to the Philippines, too”. In my mind, kids, sinasayang niyo ang tanong, kasi alangan naman na isagot niyan, “No, I wouldn’t date a Filipina.” But I understand you now, kasi fangirl din ako, nakakakilig nga naman marinig mula sa crush mo yung sagot niya mismo sa tanong. 😀

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First Visual Music Festival

The first ever Visual Music Carnival happens on May 12, 2012 from 12noon-12 midnight at Amorante Stadium in Quezon City.

The carnival includes a cosplay competition, fashion show, extreme sports competition, battle of the bands and concert of local bands. Php150 gets you in with free rides, free contest registration, skate play, games and more!

Visit and for more info.


OPM Songs About Weed and Getting High

I’m certain there are lots of OPM songs out there that sings about, you know, the weed and stuff- some literally and some figuratively. Yesterday, I noticed it was 4/19 making it 4/20 today, and while working, Eraserheads’ Alapaap played. I thought I’d look into my playlist for songs that, uh, well, are perfect for the moment.

I found only 5 popular hits from my thin playlist. If you know other songs with the similar theme, do share them to me.

5. Alapaap – Eraserheads

Masdan mo ang aking mata
Di mo ba nakikita
Ako ngayo’y lumilipad at nasa langit na
Gusto mo bang sumama

I was just a kid when this song came out. Like every other Eraserheads song, I loved this- memorized some of the lines and getting only the literal meaning of the words. Growing up and I would hear this song, I came to understand the subtle message it conveys. I think there was even some proposal to ban this song on the airwaves when some Senator claimed it is a bad influence among the youth because it promotes smoking pot. This is happened during the massive popularity of the band. [Full lyrics]

4. Mottaka – Cheese

When the moon shines, from the heavens above
Life will be sweet, so green and so young
Hemp will be ruling my brothers again
If you got the ganja, then pass it my friend

When the moon shines from the heavens above
Life will be sweet, so green and so young
I open my mind as I lie on the floor
Join me as we both live in ecstacy

I wasn’t aware of this band until college because their genre wasn’t really my slice of cheese (pun not intended) during my early teenage years (I’ve already known the band as Queso). Lately, in my move to widen my knowledge about OPM, I’ve been rediscovering new and old music including theirs and similar bands like Slapshock, whom as a kid I hated very much and even called their music “noise.” Sorry na, I loved boybands, eh! :p

About the song, well, you don’t have to spare extra brain cells to get what it says. Mottaka bluntly speaks about smoking. [Full lyrics]

3. 4:20 – Kamikazee
Nakayakap sa kalawakan
O kay sarap na mahibang
Kislap at pungay ng mata
Napapaluha sa saya
Ikaw ang may dala
Kamikazee’s 4:20 is all about being high- hallucinations and every nice things smoking pot brings. [Full lyrics]


2. Song for the Suspect – Franco

One love, jah love
Come and feel the vibe
He’s given us the herb
Rising from under the Earth
With soul we can unite
So give me and pass me the light
Throw away all your hate come, come with me

This is one of my favorite OPM of all times. There’s just something with the song that makes me feel good. Franco bluntly speaks of the ‘herb’ in this piece. Right in the middle of the song, there’s even a narration of Bob Marley about the weed being created for the use of man- “created by divine mind for divine purposes.” [Full lyrics]

1. Momay – Juan Thugs

Lumilipad na naman ang isip ko
Na para bang ako’y nasa kalangitan
Sa tuwing si Momay ay aking matitikman
(Sa tuwing si Momay ay aking matitikman)
Ang simoy ng hangin sa akin ay lumalamig na
(Ang simoy ng hangin sa akin ay lumalamig na)
Shotgun shotgun ganja ganja buddha buddha

This is my #1 and I don’t have to explain myself. :p [Full lyrics]

Happy 420 people! Keep the light blazing.