Happy Birthday/Sayonara

This is not the usual hang-out because we had several important reasons to actually see each other. First, it was my friend Michelle’s birthday the other day. Second, Melvin’s leaving for Japan in a couple of weeks. And third, we just miss Louie, hehehe. Seriously though, cleared their schedule because we were all shocked by Melvs’ departure. This was most probably our last chance to see him before he leaves.

Karen was requesting we’d just eat at Trinoma because there’s a chance Louie wouldn’t be at Pizza Hut. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad news, but he is still in Pizza Hut.

After lunch, Mara and Melvs went to get facial, while the rest of us hang out at the bowling center.

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Later in the afternoon, we left the mall and decided to go to Tomato Kick in Maginhawa (minus Melvin who still has an exam the next day). There was a heavy downpour while we’re on the way. Too bad TK is closed when we got there. Instead of just calling it a day, we asked to be brought to Homer’s, along the ABS-CBN compound. Drinkers.

Food, Places

Food in Bloom


Good Taste is the default choice for the very late lunch. Not that anyone would resent that. When it comes to eating out with a large group, Good Taste is really the first thing that comes to mind. And I’m happy because I missed their food! Oh, and they have a new branch now in Legarda, that’s where we ate. (No food porn here, it seems that nobody in this group is used to taking photos before eating.)

After the eats, we parted in groups, agreed to see the Amungan at 6:30 pm. Amungan is a play staged annually by Pagta, an organization based in UP Baguio which our block or mostly members of our block PIC is a member of. Back in college, this event would keep us busy for a good 3 months or so.

I was with the gypsy/non-Baguio residents group (with Dona, Lian and Mara) because we have nowhere to go. Bangs (who adopted Dona and Lian) had a class and left even without having lunch. We didn’t want to just barge in to her house and leave our things, especially it’s only her Dad who’s home. We left our stuff in SM instead, then accompanied Mara to Porta Vaga for her hair cut. Went back to SM and had coffee before heading off to CAP Building just across the street for the Amungan.

I couldn’t understand some parts of the play because they used mixed Cordi dialects so I just kept myself entertained by watching out for this actor everytime he comes out. This bebeboi is cute, isn’t he? lol cougar tendencies!

After the show, we amazed the other older alumni of our presence (yeah yeah our batch is still solid as a rock after all those years, hehe). We didn’t stay long after the show, just snapped some photos and went off. The 4 of us went back to SM for our things, leaving the others to decide where we’re having dinner. After some time, they finally vouched for Pizza Volante, the new one located near Wright Park.

Again, no food porn here. But I ordered the salad with roast chicken and blue cheese dressing, and everyone mocked me for that. What is a couple of days stuffing myself with highland goods. Everyone else had pancakes, except Bangs who had a rice meal. Them people just love carbs so much. Word, haha!

I had to do away with my usual choices when eating in this restaurant, which is either pasta, pancake, or beer, chos. Despite all those horrid stories they had to tell me about people they knew who ate healthy but eventually got sick. YOLO, blah blah. I didn’t really mind because I enjoyed my salad.

We stayed in the restaurant for a while, waited for some people, waited for them to finish eating. Then this band started performing. Perhaps due to lack of things we could talk about, we started focusing on them. We asked for them to play Skinny Love which Joel and Lian had been LSS-ing since lunch. We even gave them a P20 tip (hehe) but they never played any of our requests. It’s alright, they did a very good cover of Angus and Julia Stone’s Big Jet Plane anyway. They played a lot of Coldplay, which I didn’t think fit because it sad music + Baguio weather isn’t a good combination.

Dona started dozing off in the table so we had to leave, and took some time before we decide to just buy some drinks and go to Jom’s place.

Session In Bloom

Another good thing about being in Baguio this time of the year, we got to catch the last day of Session in Bloom, usually the last day of Panagbenga Festival, too. I’m not a fan of Panagbenga, because Baguio during these days is filled with tourists. And by filled, I mean the city becomes too crowded and dirty and hot. But hey, this was first time I experienced Session in Bloom as a tourist!

Last week, while inquiring about the weather in Baguio, I was trying to annoy Bangs by saying I’m gonna do all touristy stuff once I get there. I thought maybe this time, I’m gonna get myself buy something for myself (haha). Because that was something I never got to do when I was a student. Session in Bloom used to just mean shawarma and footlong hotdogs and basura, lots of basura to me. Good thing this year, they have stricter waste disposal measures. The shops don’t even use plastic bags for purchases. Session Road was free trash.

I hoarded hats. This isn’t exactly what I had in mind. I just wanted to buy bonnets and beanies and scarves, but when I saw the lovely (and cheaper, compared to the ones sold in the malls) hats, I impulse-purchased. I wish my friends had been harsher and just told me those hats didn’t look good on me so I didn’t take them. But they were supportive because I kept telling I’m gonna be needing them since I will stop colouring my hair and start wearing hats instead. I even bought a hat for the La Union trip. But anyway, it’s all done. I thought I could just use the hats to decorate my room, because let’s face it, I’m not really gonna wear them, well maybe if I go to the beach or something. And maybe I’ll give a couple to my mom.

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So after the hat and and trying of wigs, the crowd is starting to grow so we turned around and walk up to La Azotea in upper Session. Bangs suggested we check out Azotea Greens Resto & Cafe which is growing popular in the blogosphere. I used to just walk past this restaurant when going to Oh My Gulay, when it’s still located in the second floor of the building. It’s now in the basement where Marian Platz used to be.

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We chose the most laid back area in the restaurant. I would’ve opted for the couch but everyone else ran to that area in the other corner, a Japanese-style diner.

All of us are first-timers so we just relied on what Bangs’ had read and had been told by friends. Also, thanks to this really friendly waitress who carefully described every meal we wanted to order, and suggested items we should try. And so began the story of four girls ordering too much food. Mind you it has only been a couple of hours since we had breakfast (rice meal) at Bangs’.

We ordered Azotea Greens Salad, but the waitress must’ve forgotten to write it down with our orders or they just thought we didn’t really mean to order that much, lol. Upon learning that they haven’t prepared the salad yet, we requested for Cream Puff instead.

When in Baguio, you must eat at Azotea Greens. Really good food! You can read my friend Bangs’ review about the restaurant here.


The Best Beers in the World

Beer is the most widely consumed drink aside from tea, water and coffee, and probably the oldest beverage in the world. Through the ages, beer had became a symbol of friendship. It binds people of different ages and places. Even the highest officials of a certain tribe, civilization or even country have enjoyed at least a glass of this golden drink.

Some evidence show that beer was already consumed as early as 9500 BC. It was even mentioned in the Bible and in some ancient remains of the past. It was also mentioned in some passages during the Renaissance.

You probably wondered if there is such a title as “the best beer in the world.” Well, as we all know, there are  a lot of beer brands on the shelves today. In the US alone, there is a wide variety of choices when it comes to beer. But of course there is only one that will stand out. Each country has their own beers like flag carrier airlines. Here are some of the famous, or probably the best tasting beers in the world today:

Coors Beer – From the USA, Coors is famous for their lager. The company managed to survive the Prohibition Era by selling their malts to Mars candy makers.

Miller Beer – Also from the USA and is famous for their lager. They were the ones who revolutionized the Draught or Draft system of beer which is stored in kegs.

Budweiser Beer – Another brand from the USA, this beer was originally a recipe from Bohemia in Europe (now known as Czechoslovakia).

San Miguel Super Dry – Known for its Smooth and crisp taste with a fine after taste, this beer is from the the top beer producers in the Philippines. The company has been brewing since 1890.

Red Horse Beer – Also from the Philippines. Famous for its strong alcohol content. Originally owned and patented by Asia Brewery Corporation. Until the latter was bought by San Miguel Corporation during the 90’s.

Heineken Beer – From the Netherlands. Their top of the line product is their Pale Lager. Established in the year 1873.

Carlsberg Beer – From Denmark. Their famous product is also their Pale Lager. Started during 1847. One of the highest selling beer in Europe.

If you noticed, these breweries have a common denominator. They are all hundred or more years old. Well, it really takes decades to build a trusted name. Experience is the weapon of these companies. And also, innovations are considered for the companies to last this long.

Although considered as a life degenerating vice, there are still some term papers about a vitamin fortified beer, that is beer and Vitamin B. But still, we should never increase our intake. The risk of developing a debilitating illness is still high with increased alcohol consumption despite some vitamin fortification. As these liquor companies say, “Drink Moderately.”


Real Food for the Real Singles

‘The Real Singles’ as we now call our group dined out after a night full of fun. Thanks to Melvin’s toy man, we had one hell of a fun with pictionary! We spent most of the day slacking off at Mara’s apartment, and after lunch, decided to go out for bites –real food for the real singles!

It was my first time to eat in Dampa (Farmer’s Plaza), and I wasn’t even sure if I would have an allergy reaction to these seafood (sometimes, nag-iinarts ang katawan ko), but I still gorged away. Thank the food gods I was all fine after. We had buttered shrimps and adobong pusit.