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Flowers of Summer

One thing I always wanted to have is a green thumb. Although I’d like to believe I have one, since during my younger years in Cagayan, I did some great deal of gardening in school because it’s always part of the curriculum. I loved gardening. But that stopped there, even though my love for greens even multiplied throughout the years. I’m still hoping I would have a really nice vegetable and flower garden in my future house.

Enough with things about me, because the real star in this entry is my mother’s garden. She must’ve the greenest thumb because (I swear) she could turn a withering stem/dying plant back into life! Ever since, she loves filling the spaces of land in our front yard with various plants, and she prefers using real plants as decorations inside the house (which used to annoy me because it’s messy).

When we moved into our new home, I thought the lack of space would prevent her from doing her hobby, but I was wrong. In just few years, she managed to turn the front area of our home into a beautiful sight of greens and other lovely colours.

Here are some goods from my mother’s garden. She took some of the photos because she really takes pride and loves her plants. Every kid in the neighborhood know not to mess with these plants. 😉 (Di ko lang alam pangalan ng mga halaman na yan. :p)


Possible Effects of Global Warming


Everyone is complaining about how the Earth is getting hotter and hotter everyday. The effects of global warming can be felt in many places around the world. In several countries, climate change even brought sudden changes in seasons. There are places where dry season became shorter while rainy season became longer and the other way around.

But according to predictions, worst things are yet to happen in the next decades if the people do not start acting now to save the planet from total destruction. According to various researches, here are several things that global warming could change forever:

  • Coastal towns and small islands may be submerged underwater by the year 2030. The warming climate condition slowly melts icebergs in the oceans and ice glaziers in the mountains causing the water level to rise and therefore submerging low lying and small islands.
  • Coral reefs would be the first ecosystem to collapse due to climate changes. Warming waters degrade coral reefs to the extent that these would not be recognizable in the next 20 years.
  • Signs show that climate change and human activities could turn rain forests into deserts in the next decades. Global warming and deforestation could convert rain forests into rich savannas in the next 30 years. On the other hand, global warming has an opposite effect on dessert lands. Researchers are seeing signs that dry lands and their surrounding regions are becoming green. Increasing rainfall is seen to be the reason behind this. Researchers say this is very much possible since the same thing happened with Sahara which was once a grassland and turned to dry course dessert due to climate changes.
  • There are no studies proving that strong typhoon categories which devastated different places around the world only in the past years are directly linked to global warming but there are indications that global warming will produce high category typhoons. Such natural phenomena derive power from warm water, therefore, there will be more typhoons that will hit the land as water temperature rises.
  • Global warming may favor the bigger over smaller animals, based on studies conducted in Scotland where the climate is getting warmer and warmer. Study reveals that the body size of species could shrink up to 50 percent over the next 30 years.

These could be just few of the things that could happen if the global warming worsens. As the movie 2012 showed, the world could be reversed. Predictions may not come true as they are only seen to be happening yet but these predictions are based on things that happened and are actually happening.

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Sidewalk Services

The stretch outside Maharlika Livelihood Center going to the Baguio City Public Market hosts various small services offered by people trying to earn decent money for living.

For the lack of other options, these people offer simple services ranging from umbrella and shoe repair, “hasa” and other small services the hands can provide.


Despite the clear sign of the services he offers, this man seems unnoticed by passing people.


From 9am to 5pm everyday, Pange Rudan patiently waits for customers to come his way. Earning a minimum of P50 a day is enough reason for him to come back the next day, he says.


Compared to the other vendors, Dominador Bedunio may be considered luckier for having a customer at this point in time.


Aside from waiting for customers under this footbridge, Saldy Baruzo says he also goes to different barangays to get more customers. This way, he earns more, according to him.


Mang Saldy does not mind being exposed to the sunlight just to finish his work.


Originally publish in Multiply for a Journalism requirement.


Vampire Stripping Spree

Vampires have become synonymous with sex, proof-in-point are these magazine covers where the stars ofVampire Diaries and True Blood go nearly nude.  (

The Vampire Diaries love triangle stripped down for Entertainment Weekly, which is WOW for both males and females.  Suit yourselves.

Apparently, in 2010, True Blood’s hot threesome also posed nude for Rolling Stone.

Meanwhile, in Twilight zone…

While the stars of vampires television hits are on a stripping spree, the trio of hit movie series Twilight Saga seems not yet ready to unwrap. :p

So far, this is the closest they can get to par for the bare-your-flesh game in the world of the undead.

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Feels Like Baguio

Children divinding their money earned from caroling.

Even before my trip home, friend already informed me about the kind of weather I’d be coming home to. I know I shouldn’t be but it seemed I was still surprised, kasla agdadamu, (like a first-timer). Maybe because for the past 11 years, I lived out of the province and was only home during the holidays and vacations.

As far as I remember, December in Cagayan has always been rainy or at least windy cold. It’s the jacket and pajamas time of the year.

As a teenager, going to Misa de Gallo was challenging. Actually, it’s the process that is- taking a shower with icy cold water and walking or taking the ride to the church. It’s always warm inside the church anyway, kaya masarap matulog, haha.

So I expected a wet Christmas, just like last year when I had a misadventure before making it home. Indeed it was raining in some parts of the province. Once at home, I started commenting about how cold windy it is and how cold the wind it. It’s like I’m in Baguio all over again. Nasanay na ako sa weather ng Manila na kahit bumabagyo, di mo pa rin kelangan ng jacket kasi di mahangin man, di naman icy cold ang temperature. These are the times na ayoko lumabas ng bahay, gusto ko lang forver sa loob ng bahay, nakabalot ng wool na kumot, habang kumakain, nanood, o nagbabasa.

Anyway, yun lang talaga ang gusto kong sabihin, na para lang din akong nasa Baguio ngayon. I should really be in Baguio  in the 28th for a friend’s wedding but I decided not to go since I only got 10 days to spend with the family and I only come home twice or thrice a year, so there, kelangan ko naman bumawi  kasi sigurado in the next days, nasa labas na naman ako with friends.

Anyway, enjoy na lang ang mala-Baguiong weather. In the first place, Christmas is best served cold. Merry Christmas everyone!


Christmas 2011 Gifts Galore

I wrapped my gifts with old Avon catalogues, like I usually do. Nakatipid na, nakatulong pa sa Earth! 😀

The one in dark paper bag is for the grand monito monita. Itim para mapansin. :p

Nakolektang regalo mula sa mga kaopisina.

Stressball galing kay boss. I need tons of this. Yung binabato sana sa isang malaking screen, yun ang makakatanggal ng stress sigurado.

Ito yung natanggap ko sa grand monito monita, galing kay Emman. 🙂

Thank you pipol! Merry Christmas!