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Inah at Intramuros

The best thing about having beautiful friends, they can instantly become models if you need one. 😀

This is Inah. She’s always mentioned in this blog because she’s my drinking/filmfests/gigs buddy. Basically, our friendship is based on pure awesomeness, haha! We often hang out dahil magkasundo kami sa mga bagay-bagay. We’ve been friends since high school. We call her Kat. She was seated beside me during the first few weeks (or months?) of our freshman year. Some time later I came to know that she watches a lot of movies and she speaks English real good. Oh, and she was one of the prettiest faces in our school. I could go on and on telling things about her but I know she doesn’t have the slightest idea she’s being blogged about so there. :p Just check out her tumblog.

Obviously, she loves art, that’s why she asked her photos taken with the graffiti painted walls inside Intramuros. She takes photos, too. 🙂

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Arts, Photos

The Skater Boys of Intramuros

Inah and I both prefers people as subjects so you can just imagine our smiles when we heard the sound of slamming boards and fast-paced wheels on the ground. Ang ganda ng tambayan nila! I exclaimed when we discovered the skateboarding kids lounging in the graffiti-painted walls somewhere in Intramuros.

Almost all my shots were backs of the kids because I was too lazy to exert effort. I just contented myself there at the other side of the road and tried to take photos. On the other hand, Inah stayed at a close distance and she said she overheard one of the skaters saying, “May nagpi-picture kasi” meaning they are anxious because we’re taking photos. Kids, okay lang sumemplang, we won’t judge you. You’ve got mad skills! We just wanted to capture nice action. And there was actually a great chance we won’t capture the semplang moments anyway because we’re both noob. 🙂

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There were several girls in the group but I wasn’t able to get a single photo of them skateboarding, because as I said, noob.


‘Painting’ Tattoos

Artist Amanda Wachob of Brooklyn, New York blurs the line between fine art and body art in her ink works. Her tattoo designs may look like watercolor paintings but these are the real deal. As the artist states in her website, many of these tattoos began as paintings.

Amazing indeed! My jaw dropped when I first laid eyes on this art! I actually want one but I’m not sure if there are any artists in the Philippines that practice this tattooing technique. Check out more of Amanda Wachob’s artworks here.