Coin Locker Girl (2015)

Cha-i-na-ta-un (original title)

Director: Han Jun-hee
Writer: Han Jun-hee
Stars: Kim Hye-su, Kim Go-eun, Park Bo-gum

A  new born girl is placed in a coin operated locker in the subway station. The girl is raised by a mother who is the boss for a loan shark group. Later, when the girl has grown into a teen, she carries out missions given to her by her mother.


A great plot that brought out an impeccable performance from the artists. Had I seen this film first, I never would’ve imagined Kim Go Eun as the Goblin’s bride.

Mind you the copy I watched had a really messed up subtitles, but I was so engrossed into it that I had to forced myself to understand the scenes just by reading their actions.


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