Hot Young Bloods (2014)


Pikkeulneun Cheongchun (original title)

Director: Yeon-woo Lee
Stars: Soo Jin Jun, Hee-won Kim, Young-kwang Kim, Lee Jong Suk

In a rural town in 1982, a young girl is a feared gang leader of her school, but she secretly has a crush on a playboy. When a transfer student arrives, the playboy falls in love with her and this stirs up chaos at school.


I don’t know but these kind of movies really speak to me. Probably because they remind me of my adventures and misadventures when I was younger.

What I like about the film:

Most of the scenes are so raw and honest. They didn’t forget to insert funny quips as well.


The cinematography is commendable as well. This is the scene where So-hee was walking home alone in the dark countryside road with only the moon lighting her path. Joong-gil offers a bicycle ride but she refuses so what he did was ride forward, and then stops somewhere to light So-hee’s path. It was lovely, and sweet.



The actors did well. Aside from their A+ acting, they really looked like high schoolers. And of course, Lee Jong Suk always get the pogi roles. Even in a probinsya setting, he is the pogi one.





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