Oh My Venus (2015-2016)


O Ma-i Bi-neo-seu (original title)

Director: Kim Hyung-suk
Writer: Kim Eun-ji
Stars: Ji-seob So, Min-a Shin, Sung Hoon

When you go from the top of the pecking order in the looks department in high school and then fall to the bottom in adulthood, is it possible to get back on top? Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) was envied by every girl and desired by every boy in high school as the Daejeon Venus because of her pretty face and killer figure. But she has let herself go over the years and is now overweight and often disregarded and overlooked by society and her coworkers.


Learned a lot about getting fit from this Korean drama. I was actually inspired to go back to the gym, but the ~feeling went away as soon as I finished watching the series. :p This series is so light it didn’t give me major heartbreak. A legit feel-good series. Plus the actors are hot.



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