Shambhala (2012)


Director: Panjapong Kongkanoy
Stars: Sunny Si Suwanmethanon, Ananda Mathew Everingham, Nalinthip Phoemphattarasakun, Ase Hui Min Wang

Wut is a man who believes in true love and ready to do everything for Nam, his dying girlfriend. Nam is traveler who has always dreamed of reaching Shambala, a mythical place in Tibet that is said to be the closest to heaven on earth. When she could not make it by herself, Wut decides to fulfill her wish to go there with Tin, his reckless, heavy-drinking brother, who carries the disappointment and guilt over his late loved on Jane with him.

I will always, always enjoy films that features places and culture. It doesn’t hurt either that this film has a good plot. 🙂 I suddenly want to travel again.



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