My So-Called Life (1994–1995)


I just finished watching My So-Called Life, and I felt like something is me went away with it. I’m almost two decades late, I know. Can someone just take me back to the 90’s, please?

I feel really sad right now. Why does this show has to run for just one season?! I don’t understand this Claire Danes girl. You’re making out with Jared Leto in almost every episode and you declined to shoot for another season?!

Truth be told. These past few nights, I had to slow down, watching only one episode per night because I felt really sad that it’s going to be over soon. Last weekend, this series made me stay at home and gave me reason to work early so I can go home as soon as work is done.

It has been 10 years since I was the same age as the main characters, but I still could identify with them. Although I was a little bit bothered with that thought. You see I’m learning things about myself that I probably should have figured out years ago.

This show made me realize that if my teenage life would be made into a series, I would most probably never be the main character. I would just be one of the main friends. In this particular show, the teenage/high school me was more like wild child Rayanne Graff (milder version, minus the promiscuity). Admit it, her character gave colour to the show. As well as Ricky’s. I love having gay friends around. They always have this superpower to turn anything magical!

I don’t always like Claire Danes (fine, I liked her when I was young), I will always think there were better actresses for the role of Juliet (Romeo + Juliet) and Yvane (Stardust), and I will always be annoyed by her ugly cry-face, but I actually liked her in this show. Well, what can I say, she’s really good.

Jared Leto breaks my heart. He’s so beautiful it hurts to look at him. Although, I am in love with the current Jared (the one fronting for 30 Seconds to Mars), I can’t just imagine how I would’ve swoon over this cutie if I saw the series in the 90’s. Even though he play a rudimentary reader with low literacy skills and he’s such a douche, I prefer him over Daniel Desario (James Franco in Freaks and Geeks).

Some say the show didn’t rate well during it’s airing because it was way beyond its time. Probably another reason why I could still relate to the show that was made in the 90s.

So there, I liked it. A really great show. It’s one of those shows I could just put on anytime, or during viewing marathon with friends.


P.S. It was really cool that I was simultaneously reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower while watching this show. They’re set on the same place and almost the same time. 😉


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