Bright Star (2009)


Director: Jane Campion
Stars: Abbie Cornish, Ben Whishaw, Paul Schneider

The drama based on the three-year romance between 19th century poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne, which was cut short by Keats’  death at age 25.

Ito yung mga tipo ng pelikulang nakakapagpakilig sakin nang wagas. When I was younger, I dreamed of having a poet for a lover. How great would that kind of life be. But those were the days, when I used to try and write crappy (but still, I wrote) poems. Whenever, I read those works, I only look at myself as korni back then. But I envy that version of me badly. I have been trying to go back to where my heart used to be, I’ve been searching for my muse for years now, pero waley. Films like these only makes me feel bad, but I’m hoping it would help me get myself back.


For nothing would he do
But scribble poetry-
He took
An ink stand
In his hand
And a pen
Big as ten
In the other,
And away
In a pother
He ran
To the mountains
And fountains
And ghostes
And postes
And witches
And ditches
And wrote

—-A Song About Myself (excerpt), John Keats

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