The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Director: Henry Selick
Stars: Danny Elfman, Chris Sarandon, Catherine O’Hara

Jack Skellington, king of Halloweentown, discovers Christmas Town, but doesn’t quite understand the concept.

One of my favorite animations. It amazes me no matter what age I watch it. 🙂


Yesterday, I had this little scene at the stairs.

Had to go refill my water bottle. Going downstairs, it’s semi-dark, with only the light from the veranda seeping through the glass in the wall lighting the path. I thought the Christmas decorations all over the stair rails just made the house look creepy. Then I found myself randomly singing, “This is Halloween, this is Halloween!”

Whew, time to move on! Halloween’s over and I now have to brace myself  for the big holidays ahead.

As for the song, I was trying to do it Marilyn Manson style. LOL

This is Panic! At The Disco’s version. It’s not the best version, but with the level of theatricality these guys (especially Brendon) have, they would’ve made a pretty cool and apt video for the song. I miss this band.


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