The Five Senses (1999)

Director: Jeremy Podeswa
Stars: Molly Parker, Gabrielle Rose, Elize Frances Stolk

Interconnected stories examine situations involving the five senses. Touch is represented by a massage therapist who is treating a woman, while her daughter accidentally loses the woman’s pre-school daughter in the park. The older daughter meets a voyeur (vision), a professional house-cleaner has an acute sense of smell, a cake maker has lost her sense of taste, and an older man is losing his hearing.

I was watching Outsourced simultaneously and for my movie break, I kinda yearned for something a little bit serious, or something dramatic. I decided to go for The Five Senses but I didn’t know it was one hell of a serious movie. I initially thought it’s kind of funny (rom-com) when I watched the trailer. It’s a good drama though.
The Five Senses is an exploration of the five senses- sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste- in an interrelated stories of several families. The subject is interesting but the characters are more of the reason why you’ll get into the story. The characters are so diverse (I kept asking why is this person like that, blah blah) but the filmmaker managed to make contrasting personalities worked/clicked to produce a good story.



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