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Czech Cinema Under the Stars

The Embassy of Czech Republic brings well-loved and award-winning Czech films in Manila for the Czech Cinema under the stars- a two-weekend festival at the Rizal Open Auditorium.

The film festival will showcase a popular children’s animation, a family comedy, a retro-musical, a historical drama-romance, and an Oscar winner. Screenings on November 5, 6, 12, 13, Saturdays and Sundays beginning at 7pm. Admission is free.

The Mole

Directed by Zdeněk Mile

Children’s Animation

The Mole also know as Krtek (meaning little mole) in the Czech language is a well-loved children’s animation in the Czech Republic. It is all about Mole going on variuos adventures, encoutering different challenges and meeting many friends along the way. There are no speaking parts, only music to communicate the theme and mood of the story.

Kolja (Kolya) (1996)

Directed by Jan Sverák

Touching Comedy

A story of  a bachelor who unexpectedly becomes to a five-year old boy after a sham marriage with a Russian woman who eventually migrates to the West. Thinking that his life could not get any worse than it already is, he slowly comes to the realization that he was actually living the best years of his life. A touching comedy of the growing bond between an aging man and a small Russian boy.

S Tebou mĕ baví svĕt (You Make the World Fun) (1983)

Directed by Marie Polednáková

Family Comedy

Annual gander-party of three fathers becomes- thanks to an intervention of their wives- a kind of kindergarten in the winter countryside. It seems that in certain situations, fathers are better mothers than mothers themselves especially when the mothers a re out of sight. Fathers’ education method are very specific and provoke a lot o confusion and funny situations.

The Rebels (2001)

Directed by Filip Renč


Set in a pictorial retro style of the late 60s, this musical tells a story of love which history did not look favorable upon. Treza- a high school graduate and Siom, a boy who escaped from Army Service are the protagonists in this picturesque film featuring award-winning musical numbers and the famous evergreens of the 60s.

Dark Blue World (2001)

Directed by Jan Sverák

Drama and Romance in a Historical Setting

March 15, 1939: Germany invades Czechoslovakia. Czech pilots flee to England, joining the RAF. After the war, back home, they are put in labor camps, suspected of anti-Communist ideas.

The film features Franta and his younger protege Karel, a fresh pilot. On maneuvers, Karel crash lands by the rural home of Susan, a married English woman. After spending one night with her, he believes he has found the love of his life. It becomes even more complicated with Susan’s attraction to Franta. How will the three handle innocence, friendship and the ehat of battle?


November 5

The Mole


November 6

The Mole

You Make the World Fun

November 12

The Mole

The Rebels

November 13

The Mole

Dark Blue World


For more info, visit the Embassy of Czech Republic in Manila’s website.

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