Temptation Island (2011)

Look! Magkaka-height lang kami! :p


Director: Chris Martinez
Stars: Marian Rivera, Rufa Mae Quinto, Solenn Heusaff, Heart Evangelista, Lovie Poe

Four beauty pageant contestants, who are vying for the coveted title of “Miss Manila Sunshine”, set sail on a yacht. They ended up stranded on a deserted island after their vessel got caught up on fire. Together with an attractive young man, a maid and the gay pageant director, the four ladies found life “anything but dull”.

Because we failed to get in to the Departures screening, we went on with our Plan B which is to watch Temptation Island. I’ve heard from people how the old film was so good. I’ve seen some clips from Youtube and find them funny as well. I wanted to see it first before the remake but there was no chance since I can’t find a copy from the Internet, hehe.

So Temptation Island remake. I already set my expectations lower since the movie’s mainstreamed but still, I left the movie house very very unsatisfied.

On my way home I thought, I should watch more Pinoy movies na mababaw so I can appreciate them like I used to. And by mababaw films I’m pertaining to Star Cinema movies that have the same plot, only set in different places and with different actors. I admit I love watching John Lloyd-Sarah Geronimo, Toni Gonzaga-Vhong Navarro or Toni G.-Sam Milby, Anne Curtis-Luis Manazo movies in particular because I find them funny. And of course, Eugene Domingo. Nobody can deny she’s an effective comic relief. I kinda expected it would somehow parallel “Here Comes the Bride” (I like Angelica, too!) or say “Who’s That Girl?”

At first, I was laughing off but I dunno what happened on the last 45 minutes, that’s when I started acting bitchy. I dreaded to go out of the movie house, in short, I got bored, their antics no longer affect me and the scenes seemed longer. I threw out nasty comments unmindful of the probable ‘fans’ who could hear me. I don’t know. Maybe I was just tired or preoccupied to have thought that the film in general wasn’t good.

On some positive notes, I liked Marian Rivera in this film. She’s a natural. She would still be part of the film if I were to cast it (I’d like to see Angelica Panganiban and Anne Curtis. I’m sure it’ll be one helluva fun!). And of course, Rufa Mae Quinto. She never gets old. 🙂 And oh, never forget the abs (Tom, Aljur and Mikael).

My friends enjoyed the film. so I dunno, just go see it for yourself. I’m still looking for the original movies. I might like it more since I’m into classic films. 🙂


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