Les enfants de Timpelbach (2008)

Trouble at Timpetill (English title)

Director: Nicolas Bary
Stars: Raphaël Katz, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Léo Legrand

Les Enfants de Timpelbach is a dramedy about children being a huge problem of the entire village. The adventure begins when the parents decided to abandon the children in hope that they’ll realize their mistakes and they’d change.

Anyway, I was right, the film is very enjoyable. Lots of adorable Frenchie kids!

Negative point: Violence, among the kids themselves. I am aware that that is the main point of the story, the goodies vs the baddies, but I still think it’s not so much fun.

Positive points: The sweet reconciliation, the lesson at the end. (The parents realized they couldn’t leave their kids and that they should at least give them space and the kids realized they couldn’t live without their parents.)

Now, here’s a bunch of kids from the film you, too, would want to have. 😀


Raphaël Katz
Léo Legrand
Martin Jobert
Lola Créton
Léo Paget
Ilona Bachelier
Julien Dubois
Florian Goutiéras
Mathieu Donné

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