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French Film Festival 2011

When I read the synopses of the films to be shown at the 16th French Film Festival at EDSA Shangri-La, several films caught my attention because of (1) the poster, ( 2) the title and (3) the synopsis itself. I put on my list on my list the films Adèle Blanc Sec (the one with a classic setting, it’s just the kind of movie I love watching), Les Enfants de Timpelbach (movies involving kids are almost always happy movies), Le Dernier des Fous (I think it has a fresh concept) and  Un Poison Violent (I find the title intriguing). I don’t know who Sandrine Bonnaire is but she stars in almost all of the films so I thought I might see a film or two of hers, Mademoiselle seemed like a good one, I thought.

My friends and I planned to go and watch on the first day of screening but Anj and I failed to wake up early due to the stormy weather so we agreed to just go when the weather’s fair. Last Saturday though when I learned that Adele would be shown at 1 pm, I planned to go by myself (forever alone indeed) but as usual, I didn’t make it because I couldn’t drag my lazy arse out of the house. But when I realized I might not be able to watch Adele because it is scheduled at 4 pm for the next Friday, I finally got my ass to move and went to Shang to see at least anything from my list. Fortunately, the 6:30 pm film was Les Enfants de Timpelbach. I’ll write my brief comment about the film in a separate post. 🙂

2 thoughts on “French Film Festival 2011”

  1. You’re lucky not watch Un Poison Violent. It’s an x rated film.

    I envy you cause you’re able to watch Timpelbach. That’s the film where the casts are children, right?

    Mademoiselle was a good movie too.

    1. Hi Jenn! Les Enfants de Timpelbach is so cute. It was my first time to see a movie with such concept so I liked it. I saw Mademoiselle and it was good too, but it was kinda bitin. 🙂 I’m planning to see Un Poison Violent since a friend recommended it. I was thinking maybe it’s similar with El Crimen del Padre Amaro.

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