The King’s Speech (2010)


Director: Tom Hooper
Stars: Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rus, Helena Bonham Carter

Based on King George VI of Britain’s (father of Queen Elizabeth II) life story, this film is a must-watch because Colin Firth is phenomenal in it! After the movie, I was divided between James Franco (127 Hours) and Colin Firth for the Best Actor Award at the Oscars. The film is directed by Tom Cooper and written by David Seidler who experienced speech defect as a kid, the internet says.

If you’re not into historical movies, the slow pacing might bore you. Thank goodness the cast as all brilliant actors! In my case, films based on history are my thing. I’m one of the few population fascinated with history so I immensely enjoyed every bit of this film. And my favorite part was when Colin Firth was playing with his kids before they go to bed, “I will be penguin..blah blah” that part because he cannot give them a decent storytelling because of his speech defect. Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush were very good as well. Five stars for the brilliance.


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