127 Hours (2010)

Director: Danny Boyle
Stars: James Franco, Amber Tamblyn, Kate Mara

A mountain climber becomes trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone near Moab, Utah and resorts to desperate measures in order to survive.


Never give up. -Aron Ralston

I saw the film last week at the comfort of my room. I didn’t plan on seeing it in the big screen thinking it might bore me. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much from a film which I knew could be confined within those 127 hours spent by a hiker being trapped on hole with his arm stuck on a rock. I’ve seen a documentary that I’m sure has a very similar plot -it’s the life story of a super-athlete who had an accident while jogging along the canyons and survived. I was right but even if most parts is predictable, the writers sure knew how to make the movie interesting. There’s only so much you can do with a film like 127 Hours but director Danny Boyle maximized all of it. James Franco (as Aron Ralston) gave an incredible performance and the filmmakers were able to create much out of the very limited location.

Basically, the film showed how surviving is much difficult when part of you is stuck on a rock and never giving up on life. Here are some things that are always worth reiterating.

  • When traveling out of town, going camping, trekking, hiking, mountaineering etc., always go light. Do not bring too many things. Take only what you really need and make sure everything’s in your backpack before heading off.
  • Lots of the most adventurous and daredevils I know have the heart to go hiking alone especially if they’re familiar with the place but still, it is best to have a company. In the movie, Franco went hiking all by himself. On the way he meets two women but when the two were gone, he went someplace else alone- someplace not really popular amongst other hikers.
  • Trail food should also be light but heavy on the stomach. Nuts are recommended as they are good energy-provider. There are ready made trail mix from the stores but you can also mix your own. Don’t bring too many but don’t bring too little either. It’s better if you can bring an extra food just in case you get stranded or something. Water, of course. When hiking, every drop of water is as important. Make sure there’s some place on the way where you can refill your container.
  • And the most important thing to do when going out of town: always leave a note or inform some people where you’re going.

I particularly like the part when he is reflecting on how that moment (falling off the ridge and his hands getting stuck on a piece of rock) has been written on his destiny, how that moment is waiting to happen and how that rock has been waiting to get him. I think it’s poetic.

It’s not really the movie you’d want to watch over and over again (at least to me) but it’s definitely worth a two hour of your time. The visuals are good, considering the single location they worked on. The plot which I thought would be boring turned out to be very interesting, they created variations which are beautifully expressed. As for the acting, James Franco is incredible.

Some insignificant info: The opening song, “Never Hear surf Music Again” is stuck in my head for few days now.


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