D’Survivors (2010)

Director: Adolfo Alix Jr.
Stars: Darlene Anderson, Jubail Andres and K Brosas


Got tickets for the premiere screening of D’ Survivors and I watched the movie with some colleagues. The truth is, we joined an online contest to get to the premiere night at Megamall and what’s (un)expected, all of us won! Although I wasn’t able to get mine which I was supposed to claim during the premiere night itself. Wow, talk about fangirling.

I really feel like a high school fan girl giddy towards these Brazilian-Japanese hunks who starred in the movie. Yah, we’ve been stalking these three models Akihiro Sato, Fabio Ide and Daniel Matsunaga online. We even planned on spending some time at Greenbelt after work hoping to see any of them there. Actually, my colleagus and co-fangirls already saw Aki and Daniel in Greenbelt that’s why.

Back to premiere night where I saw two of my mentors in college. Anong ginagawa mo dito? I so miss Sir Amer! In class. Haha! Howell, whether it be inside or outside the class, there’s a thin difference, gwapo pa rin. 😀 My workmate was so curious why you touched my rebonded hair, haha. Short-haired kasi ako most of my college time. And Sir Arjay, I know you’ve heard of this many times, sabi ng kasama ko, you look like ‘KC’s boyfriend’ daw. I saw them getting tickets from a staff and they got seats at the balcony while we were on the lower portion of the cinema. Connections. 😀

Anyway, we’re still lucky to have tickets and saw the cast in person. We drooled over these damn hotties. My friends even went on stage and hugged the them. Wish I had the same guts, haha. As I expected, it was caught by the media and aired on Unang Hirit.

Photo from the ultimate fangirl Marvi.

Back to the film. D’Survivors is an independent-comedy film by Adolfo Alix Jr. about models stranded in an island. It’s actually a spoof of the classic film Temptation Island and instead of beauty queens, Alix, who’s also the scriptwriter, used models as characters.

The gist: On their way to Babuyan Islands, their plane crashed in an unknown place which is in Caramoan Islands in real life. Yep, it was shot in Camarines Sur. Great, after watching the movie, I suddenly had this urge to go to the place asap. It’s damn beautiful on screen! The story then revolves around each character, their struggle for survival in that unknown but lovely beach, with their own stories unfolding each day.

Although it seemed that the film focused on the three Brazilian hunks, K Brosas and Divine Tetay gave life to the movie. Being veteran comedians, they delivered their lines effectively, unlike some of the characters who obviously are newbies.

The film was like bitin. I think it ran for an hour only. I was just saying that maybe it could’ve been better if they added more exposure for K. Oh, why do I like the Juan-Trina love affair! There were vague parts in the movie, Zubail’s role confuses me much. Anyway I just love the ending since I never it. It was somehow a good twist.

To wrap it up, the movie is cute and funny with lots of hot bods.


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